healthy changes in 2011+

I have been studying a lot lately about the benefits of nutritional eating on our lives and how that relates to God's plan for us as His children. Each God-created whole food item that is not man-made or factory processed is rich in nutritional benefit for our well-being. God created vitamin D, vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, etc. Not man. And man created the synthetic, fragmented multivitamin-- not God. For a period of time, our nation focused on "fast food" and multivitamins to supplement our growing, busy lives in America. With an increase in technology, came an increase in responsibilities, which increased a demand on our lives, which began limiting our time allowed to slow down and cook or invest in the work that healthy eating required. Bags of chips and vending machines became the new apples and oranges-- because let's face it, oranges take too long to peel.  Unfortunately, those processed foods and the attitude of being "too busy for..." have taken a huge toll on our health as a nation. This has snowballed into an epidemic of preventable illnesses and obesity leeching onto our bodies, which has risen from the "convenient" food choices we've become dependent upon to supplement our busy lives. I heard a quote yesterday from a 97 year old man who still works out 2 hours a day on how he stays so healthy. He said, "If man made it, I don't eat it."

My family and I have been taking the whole food supplement, Juice Plus, for over ten years, and I have seen tremendous results in our lives on both a physical and biological level. With over 17 different fruits and vegetable pulped into capsule form, I am able to receive a white variety of phytonutrients I would never receive without it. Because let's face it: The reality of buying kale, parsley, beets, papaya, cabbage and barley on a daily basis just isn't happening for myself or for 90% of the world.

Because of adding Juice Plus to my diet, I personally have seen a huge decrease in the amount and length of time that I experience illness, and have had nothing greater than a cold in ten years. I crave vegetables and fruits over sweets (though of course I still indulge!) and buy spinach and broccoli at the store, which I NEVER ate growing up. Yum! My appetite has transformed in that I no longer desire fast food, and in fact, when I do give in (to my husband's request), I often feel this sense of "ick" afterwards and vow that I won't do that again. I am human so of course I do, but it really is that testimony to "you are what you eat," or in my case, "you feel how you eat."

My resolution in 2011 is to keep living healthy: Taking my Juice Plus every day, limiting my amount of bad fats in my diet, cutting back on soda, exercising, and most of all, investing daily in my relationship with God and in my relationship with my husband.  I am so thankful for the good things God has given and how He has designed healthy living to manifest itself in our lives!

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