If you have 5 minutes...

I am the self-proclaimed weekend cleaner. I admit it. I like to consider myself a clean and tidy person; however, I frequently admit defeat week after week when I have to prioritize the "to-dos." And if you are like me, the most boring or tedious ones get pushed until the weekend (much to the disapproval of my husband). This article was written for procrastinators like myself... hooray! And after trying out a couple of these suggestions this weekend, I already feel like a more accomplished person (and hopefully a better wife.) :)

"If you have five minutes..." (Taken from the January 2011 article in Real Simple magazine)

1. Call your dad
2. Check your voicemail
3. Move some random files on your computer desktop to the correct folders
4. Refold your sweaters and stack them by color
5. Floss your teeth
6. Water the plants and wipe a damp paper towel on the leaves
7. Sew on a button
8. Pitch three old items from the refridgerator
9. Put a bag of to-be-donated clothes by the front door
10. Untangle a necklace
11. Cancel one appointment you just really don't want to keep
12. Find the evening bag, scarf, or top that got lost in the closet
13. Test pens or markers and toss the dead ones
14. Arrange your hangers so they all face the same way
15. Pick up five things ad put them where they belong
16. Wash the dog's bowl
17. Brush the cat
18. Clear off the top of the refridgerator
19. Remove gum wrappers, receipts and ATM slips from your purse
20. Get rid of one pair of shoes that kill your feet (since you never wear them anyway!)
21. Scan your medicine cabinet and throw out any expired prescriptions, sunscreens or vitamins
22. Test your smoke alarms
23. Shred something-- anything
24. Write a thank-you note that you have been putting off
25. Walk around your home with a small can of white paint and do touch-ups
26. Create an emergency kit with bottled water, batteries, canned foods and flashlights
27. Download the pictures in your digital camera to your computer
28. Paint your toenails
29. Throw out all expired coupons
30. Gather valid coupons and stash them in your glove compartment
31. Look through a box of photos and frame one that is meaningful to you
32. Empty the bathroom wastebaskets
33. Scan your sock drawer and put any one-offs in a basket. If their matches don't turn up in the laundry the next day, toss them
34. Open your file cabinet and get rid of five old files
35. Transfer dates from invitations and school flyers to your calendar
36. Return that Netflix movie
37. Locate all of your critical pot tops and nest them together
38. Check your stack of magazines and eliminate half (consider donating them to a local classroom!)
39. Polish your favorite books
40. Read an old journal entry
41. Look in your shower and toss any old or empty shampoo bottles or body washes that you haven't used in awhile
42. Neaten up your freezer
43. Do two yoga poses
44. Move worn-out towels to the highest shelf in the linen closet
45. Reply to three emails
46. Charge your portable devices
47. Sweep beneath your kitchen table
48. Book that appointment you've been meaning to make (since you canceled the one you didn't want to keep!)
49. Unload the dishwasher (no one said anything about loading!) :)
50. Make the bed. It's amazing what this one change can do to your room.

It's the little things that count... :)

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