some 2011 hopes...

I hope 2011 means...

*I learn how to cook without burning things so much
*We get to move out of this apartment into a new home
*I become better at staying organized
*I make more time to read my Bible and just immerse myself in the Lord
*I take more spontaneous pictures
*I make staying healthy a priority

I tried cooking tonight. I thought it would be really simple and easy since just last week, my sister and I made this dish together. Minus the slight burn of the bacon and peppers in the beginning of the process (I had the burner on too high-- trade mark Megan move), it turned out okay. Hopefully that means 2011 goal #1 is that much closer to fulfillment. I think we'll call it the chicken pepper noodle dish. Very fancy.

Also, here is my first health tip for 2011. It's very profound.

"Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full." You're welcome.

Today I also took some pictures that reminded me of what the weather was like when T and I were falling in love last winter. Either the weather really was sunny, or I was just excitedly optimistic. :) But today was gorgeous. Thank you God. :)

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