What 365 days can do

I remember last year, on the cusp of 2010, thinking, "I am REALLY ready for 2009 to be over with. Bring on 2010." I had so much hope and anticipation for the new year: a fresh start, a new person in my life, graduating in April with my Master's degree, hoping to find a job, feeling good in general and completely trusting God. I was in His palms. I was so dependent on Him for survival each day because I didn't know where my next dollar would come from. I wish I could remember back to how each bill got paid, rent was on time each month, and I had food to eat. It certainly wasn't from my own doing, because I had nothing. I worked tediously and faithfully each day for the hope of something bigger, and God sustained me. He did exactly as He promised, like He always does.

So here I am, January 1, 2011. I have a husband now, who's sitting next to me. Somehow he seems to think I'm worth his affection, though I secretly think I'm not. We have food in our fridge, jobs, bills are paid, and 1,000 memories from 2010 that I think neither of us would have expected, exactly one year ago today. To me, he was this new vibrancy in my life. This new soul person that understood me with each word I said, and loved me in spite of them. To him, I was a girl who listened and loved. We grew together with such natural fervency that in the fulness of time we got engaged and married. And so,  we now start our life exploration together. 2010 brought adventures, travels, experiences, concerts, staycations, road trips, dates, fights, concerts, surprises, make-ups, learning, growth, compromise and most of all, a deeper love every day. I am excited to see where God brings us this year.

2010 was the warm-up; 2011 is where it all begins.

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