Things I forget...

I somehow don't seem to have a problem remembering certain things like...

*Going grocery shopping on Sundays
*Getting my morning coffee at Starbucks
*Brushing my teeth
*Taking my Juice Plus+
*Charging my cell phone
*Depositing paychecks
*Paying bills on time (thank you online bill-pay)
*Attending important meetings

But somehow I always seem to forget these things!

*Returning the RedBox DVD
*Returning the Netflix DVD
*Mailing letters (noticing a trend here...)
*Returning voicemails
*Throwing out expired food
*Folding and putting away clean clothes from the hamper
*Going to the gas station before I'm on empty
*Taking the meat out to defrost earlier so I don't have to microwave it
*Returning books to the library before they are overdue
*Going to the dentist for yearly cleanings

How do I get better at this? :)

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