There is something so refreshing about the weekends. Especially when you break the word down-- "week_END." During the week, T and I plow through our responsibilities. Monday: We wake up at 5:30, get ready, take JP+, make our favorite mango complete shakes, scrape ice off our windshields and drive to school when the sun is rising. I get my supplies for the day ready in the classroom, respond to e-mails, greet the kiddos when they come in, teach my lessons, pick up the classroom, grade papers, prep for the next day, leave at 5, come home and make dinner, kiss my husband, and three times a week, go to various evening plans we have. Rinse and repeat 5 more times.  (and x2, for Timothy)

What I love about the weekend is that it means the week has ended. That long routine of schedules, getting up early, passing eachother in the night, weariness, priorities, meetings, etc., has temporarily ended. We get to fall back for just one day into simple pleasures of sleeping in, morning breakfast, reading, coffee, and anything else we feel like doing. God was good in knowing that a Sabbath is just what we needed. Rest. After that rest, we are refreshed to be able to start Monday strong, and begin the week cycle all over again.

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