I was really convicted this weekend at church, and comforted at the same time. The message was on rest, and what rest should actually look like in our lives. I have been *so* stressed out lately. So beleaguered, so defeated. Edgy. Tense. Anxious. My heart has been racing and I haven't been sleeping well, and it's simply because I have been trying to control my own life; not resting in who God is and what He has promised.

Rest isn't just a day of the week or a vacation. It isn't sleeping in or getting a massage. Rest is falling back and surrendering that I don't have to worry about anything in my life. Our lives are supposed to be filled with peace and contentment, not anxiousness and worry. If I truly believe that, my symptoms of stress should be non-existent.

I definitely don't want to take control over my own life, because when I don't have the answers or things don't go the way I want, my circumstances seem even worse. My way isn't always the best way. I want to let God have everything of mine-- my future, my present, my past, my life. God has promised us nothing but good in our lives, regardless of how we see the things he puts in front of us. God's best in my life isn't my best- but it's best for me and better than anything I can do on my own.

So thankful that I don't have to run my life, and I can just rest! {...why does it always take so long for me to remember this??}

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