Oregon summer weekends are simply idyllic. We've been cooped up indoors for nine months and everyone is practically crawling to be outdoors. {Well, at least I am, anyway.} When I heard last week that we were going to have not one, but two 80+ degree days this weekend {a 2011 first here in the NW!}, I knew I had to break out my workout gear and hop on my bike for a little scenic tour.

I cruised around the area, passing by vineyards and orchards, and clocked 15 miles in about an hour. I had product tested these amazing compression athletic capris with a split-leg feature, and decided to wear them on my ride. They were incredible! I had to write about them here so you'd go and get a pair for yourself. There was a lot of support in the upper thigh, but on the calf, it splits open so that when your leg is constantly moving (like with pedaling), there is no restriction and more air flow. It was perfect-- so much better than my regular biking capris. I also did not have nearly as much soreness as I normally do in my upper legs after a ride, and this was my first one of the season! (In case you're interested, here is the link to what they look like: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=53935&vid=1&pid=839333&scid=839333012)

Anyway, between bike rides, pool time, beach trips and wine tasting, I'd say this was a pretty good kick-off to the summer.

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