Adventures in Babysitting: Final Day!

The first time I ever went to camp, I was nine years old and absolutely terrified. I had no idea what to expect: would there be mean counselors? Would kids be nice to us? Would I fall off of the bunk bed? I always dreamed of what camp would be like from watching Barney videos and seeing Clifford Goes to Camp, but as I prepared to head off to my own camp experience, all I could picture was camp uniforms, green tents and knapsacks. I actually wasn't excited at all, but my mom made us go...

In true Brynn Fehlman (my mom) fashion, my sister and I were late (we were always late), and we missed the bus that took off for camp. We actually had to be driven by someone who worked at our church who was going to head there later. We wanted to ride a real school bus so bad (we were homeschooled kids), and I remember feeling like my entire reason for going to camp was ruined because we had to sit in the back of a red Buick all the way to Silverton instead. Needless to say, after getting over a little bit of homesickness and feeling out of our element by having to walk up to a cafeteria line and grab our own trays (again- homeschool kids), my sister and I crafted ourselves silly and sang campfire songs all the way home on the big yellow bus the next day. (Yes, it was just a one-night camp, and no, I did not fall off the top bunk...)


Today, Beau Daniel Dean had his very first camp experience, though it wasn't overnight. My best friend of 20 years, Lisa (Gilchrist) Peterson, runs an art camp in Sherwood called "Gilchrist Art Camp," and this year Beau was old enough to be able to go. I was not only super-excited to support my BFF's business endeavors, but also excited that Beau would be able to have his own big kid camp experience and gain some independence. He came home with paintings, clay sculptures, woodworking creations and murals, along with cool memories and new friends. Gilchrist Art Camp is a great opportunity to let kids experience art + day camp in a gorgeous country setting (Baggenstos Farm), with an equally awesome staff (if I do say so myself.)

Lisa runs Monday - Thursday day camps, specialized art camps (woodworking, card-making, ceramics, etc.), as well as Friday drop-in days, which is what we did today and is a hodgepodge of all things art. Her Fridays are themed, so check out her schedule for the remaining days of Summer 2011 and register your 3 - 13 year old(s) for camp today-- especially if you haven't had any day camp opportunities yet this year. There are still spots available on the last few camp sessions of the summer-- if you visit her camp, be sure to say hi and tell her I sent you! Check her website for more details.


Playground. Pool. Crafts. Naptime. Coloring. Cars. Fruit Snacks. Another day in the life. :) As Beau said, "One more nite-nite until mommy comes home!" 
YES. While we have had a ton of fun, I am very excited to have date night again and not have to change diapers for awhile. 

Parents: you rock!!


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