Adventures in Babysitting: Part 1

We're spending the next several days preparing for parenthood by babysitting our niece and nephew while my sister is at a conference in Dallas.

We're taking a break from the summer date jar for the next few days, and instead this week's blog entries are going to be focused on exploring Oregon - the kid friendly way.

T and I are very much looking forward to having kids of our own one day (someday... eventually...) but so enjoy hanging out with Beau & Lacie when we can. I felt like a total parent today when our shopping cart was filled with goldfish crackers, Otter pops, string cheese, applesauce and fruit snacks. Did you know that Target has amazing deals on this kind of stuff? We got a week's worth of lunch food for $14! I applaud Target for their bulk prices and affordability (at least what I've seen so far). 

Anyway, after we loaded up on our childhood-favorites lunches, we headed down to NW Portland and visited the fountains at Jamieson Square. Now, I'm sure many of you Oregon moms & dads have been to these fountains, but on the slim chance that you haven't -- let me introduce you to the rock-waterfalling pool filled with diaper-clad children that is Jamieson Square. I feel like this particular Yelp Review of Jamieson Square provides the most accurate information on this Portland park, instead of the simple historical data (which is, of course, important) on the Portland Parks website.  

Kids absolutely love it here, and there are plenty of socializing options for parents (or aunts, uncles, nannies, grandmas, etc... for that matter). Picnics abound in the surrounding grassy and cement blocks area, and there are newly-installed bathrooms across the street (hooray!). Parents are pretty good about watching their kids to make sure everyone's having a good time, but there will always be the vagrant splasher or rogue bucket-stealer. (I confess to being an overly-protective aunt...). Jamieson Square is packed in the summertime, but free to all-- can't beat that. 


After our splashdown in the Pearl, we headed home for a quick nap, some coloring in new Dollar Tree color books (courtesy of our DT date yesterday), and then made a 5pm playdate at Summerlake Park in Tigard. I grew up feeding the ducks at Summerlake, so we were excited about letting Beau & Lacie wear themselves out here. We surprisingly had the park to ourselves, and I'm confident that I will totally be a park mom when we have kids. What a great invention for parents! Summerlake Park is a place for the Portland-metro area suburbanites to bike ride, trail walk, play tennis, run dogs, relay-race and tire kids out on the multiple playgrounds available. 
Again: free! Great price for fun. It's really a fantastic place for kids to make friends & memories at the same time. 


We finished the day out with $1.25 McDonalds happy meals (Tuesdays, from 4 - 6 at the Main Street McD's in Tigard, and the Sherwood location as well), bath time, jammies & Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeaquel with fruitsnacks. Oh to be a kid again... :)

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  1. i love it! you are wonderful! thank you for being such a wonderful sister and such a steller aunt! <3


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