Adventures in Babysitting: Part 2

Okay, I know we haven't had any meltdowns or blowouts this week (so far), but really these kids are totally preparing us for parenthood (the good and the bad)! We listen to Kidz Bop on Pandora in the car (complete with Beau's dance-alongs), have snack times of apple juice and fishy crackers, change diapers and concede willingly to naps. We're gettin ready, folks.

Today we visited the newest addition to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum (you know, where the Spruce Goose is held...) in McMinnville, Oregon called "Evergreen Wings and Waves." You pretty much need to be with kids to be here, so it's great fun if you have a child/nephew/grandkid/sibling/neighbor kid, etc. to go with you. I wouldn't say it's totally a place where you'd go with your husband or wife on a date, but if could happen I guess. I think the people who do the best here price-wise are those who have children under 3. They're all free. :)

That said, Evergreen Wings & Waves is SO MUCH FUN! Seriously. We had an absolute blast there and played, played, played for about 6 hours. We definitely got our money's worth, and then some. If you were to design a water park that included something for everyone, this place has it. They have baby slides for infants to go on (teeny weeny ones), tons of "spraygrounds" for the little ones to run around in, a giant waterslide-play structure for kids 4 - 11 or so (complete with water guns, water hoses, tsunami splashes... picture a McDonalds playground with water features everywhere).  

Our nephew Beau is quite the little water baby:

He was totally nervous and afraid to go down the dark slides on the big kids playground, and kept creeping up to the entrance  and then backing away. He'd work up little bits of courage, and then turn back, then walk up again, and turn back. This went on for about an hour, until we convinced him to be brave with taking him out for ice cream after the waterpark. That was all the bribery he needed and before we knew it he was sliding off down the water tubes all by himself! 

Like I said above, Evergreen Wings & Waves has something for everyone. There's a wave pool (complete with a large screen projector screen & shark videos), four huge (grownup) water slides that take off out of a decommissioned Boeing 747 run previously by Pan Am Airlines, a regular pool for those who don't appreciate waves, a "whirlpool," where literally kids float around in a circle, the big kids water playground + tubes, a section for those 3 and under, complete with tiny slides,  spraygrounds and water pools, double-intertube waterslides, restaurants, an OMSI-esque water museum with space ships and submarines, and even an arcade for those non-swimmers you might have.

 The 4 - 11 year old "sprayground"

Swimming in the whirlpool

Beau's a very good swimmer!

 Brand new-- Opened June 6th, 2011~

 1pm naptime... right on schedule. :)


The waterpark unfortunately doesn't let you bring any of your own food or drinks inside; however, they do have park benches outside and let you come and go as you please in case you don't want to eat at the restaurant. Just make sure to keep your food cool-- it was hot out today and we made the mistake of leaving our snacks in the front seat to melt. 

T and I were both really impressed with how well it was run, how clean it was, and how (relatively) worth the money it was. It costs $30 for those of us over 48", and $25 for those over 3 but under 48". If you have kids under 3, consider yourselves lucky-- they get in for free. :) We will definitely be back!


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