Adventures in Babysitting: Part 3

As an adult with kids in my life, I am now discovering what totally cool activities there are for children that we didn't have growing up. The most exciting things in my life were my bigwheel, my Barbie cassette tape (complete with my made-up dance moves for every track), my tree fort in the backyard and on the rare instances that my sister and I were being good, going to the duck pond & the Beaverton Library. Now there are spraygrounds, water parks, totally decked-out McDonalds playlands, Wiis, Big Al's, SkyHigh, John's Incredible Pizza Company, vans with DVD players and cell phones with games on them. I'm wondering which life really is the better situation, because I sure never felt like I was missing anything. However, the stuff my niece and nephew have these days to entertain them are totally way more awesome-er than we had growing up. Just saying. :)

On  that note, today we visited the newest addition to kid attractions in this area called "Pump it Up, Jr." This place is every kid's dream: A complete warehouse room filled with gigantic inflatables that you can slide, roll, race, bounce and bump off of to your heart's content. Pump it Up is actually a franchise and has locations all over the US-- but more locally they can be found in Wilsonville and Beaverton. They have two options-- regular Pump it Up, geared more towards kids 10+, and Pump it Up Jr., for kids 10 and under. This is a super great option, because as I've noted before, the protective aunt in me likes the fact that there are only little kids running around at Jr. and not the big guys pushing and shoving and trampling the toddlers. Having two separate locations is genius. 

Pump it Up is primarily a venue for birthday parties, but they have "drop in" hours, where you can show up for around 5 hours on days that parties are not booked and bounce around for a bit. Dropping in typically lasts anywhere from 10 - 5 during various days of the week (check their calendar to see when actual times are), and costs $7 per kid. 

If you're looking to host a birthday party at Pump it Up and have all guests under 10, I'd recommend going to Pump it Up, Jr. instead. Pump it Up, Jr. is off of Bethany Ct. in Beaverton, and the regular Pump it Up is off of Allen blvd. in Beaverton (near Laserport). Pump it Up is primarily geared towards guests over 11 as I mentioned above. Party rates are much more affordable during the weekdays for kids, but that luxury pretty much only comes in handy for those guys with summer birthdays. :) Weekend rates fill up quickly and need to be booked well in advance, but include a completely reserved play area + party room, goodie bags and activities for up to 25 guests. 

Thanks to Groupon's 4 - for - 1 option, we came here on a Thursday at 3pm and had the place virtually to ourselves. If you're considering coming by for a pop-in visit, I highly recommend "popping in" after naptime. The time and date we came in seemed to weed out the naptime crowd. We came with my good friend Lauren (hi Lauren!) and her son Asher, who is the same age as Lacie. They had a blast, and letting the kids run around from 3 - 5 was the perfect antitode for early bedtime tonight. :) 

I didn't get hardly any pictures (rightfully so), as every bounce and slide turned out blurry, and in a place like Pump it Up, it's hard to get any kid to slow down quick enough to say "cheese." 

 Wore himself out...

No extended stay with Aunt Megan is complete without a little trip to the mall... :) Beau & Lacie both got new outfits for the summer / fall... fashion show tomorrow!


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