Are you like me when you fly, in that you get uber-excited when the announcement comes on the airplane loudspeaker: "flight attendants, prepare for landing..."? 
I get even more excited when it relates to either a) landing at my destination, or b) coming home. I constantly check my watch when the "we're initiating our descent into {said} city" time gets close, and the landing turbulence doesn't even bother me in the slightest. 

I realized last night when we landed at PDX how much I love our airport. It's so fresh & airy. The food is awesome (Gustav's, Rogue brewery, Stanfords, Starbucks, etc.) I mean really, we have a fantastic airport. I feel like I have a pretty good pulse on world's best and worst airports, and thought I'd  highlight some of my personal favs (and ones I avoid at all costs). 

Top 6 best (in no particular order-- and by best I mean cleanest/modern-est/great food/good vibes):

1. Amsterdam's Schipol. They have some INCREDIBLE shopping in this airport, and it's so modern. Delicious crepes can be found everywhere. Great food, great stores, great coffee. Enough said. 
2. Zurich, Switzerland. Black marble, expansive windows, stainless steel and huge flat screen tvs everywhere. You feel so European here.
3. New York - JFK. If you fly Delta, they have a GREAT terminal. Love all the gourmet restaurants & free iPad stations!
4. San Jose, Costa Rica. SO clean, modern, sleek & with all of the post-trip shopping you could hope for. Forgot to get that teak wood salad bowl? Need some Costa Rican coffee for the road? This airport's got you covered. 
5. PDX- a given. NW Brews. Books. Coffee. Gusatvs. What more could you want?
6. London Heathrow. LOVE the ambience, the bustle, the shopping, the people, the clear directions, the "I just landed in London(!!!!)" feeling you get when you're off the plane. 

Top 6 worst (rude people/bad food/dirty/slow/late planes/etc.):

1.  Washington Dulles. If you've been there, enough said. 
2. Chicago. You *don't* want to get stuck having to go through customs here...
3. New York - LaGuardia. No one seems to like their jobs there. 
4. Las Vegas. Smoke central! The slot machine ringing will scar your ears before you leave the airport. 
4. Athens, Greece. Machine gun-holding guards, anyone?
5. Dusseldorf, Germany. One of the most confusing airports I've ever been in.
6. Charles de Gaulle - Paris, France. If you end up in the wrong terminal, there's a pretty good chance you'll miss your flight.

Any other airports I'm missing from these two lists? :)

As much as I love travel, touching down at the PDX airport is the absolute best.

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