Costa Rica: Day 1... Travel day, a.k.a.

T and I left today to be a part of an educational tour of Costa Rica with students and staff from his middle school for ten days. It's been quite a unique experience not planning my own vacation, as I usually have a hand on each detail that goes into International travel. However, we pay the company the money, they take us around all of Costa Rica and its quintessential experiences. I was a little apprehensive about the trip in the beginning just because it was so foreign to me, but also so intriguing because I knew so little about Costa Rica. I know they have great coffee, and I know they have some amazing scenery. On this trip we're going to do so many things I've never done before: zipline, visit volcanic hot springs, take a boat tour with crocodiles, visit a school in poverty, white water raft and kayak in a volcanic lake. I'm really excited to see what kinds of experiences and pictures this trip provides.

So here we are in our little San Jose hotel room. Very bare, very minimal (but hey, they have wifi!), having just landed in SJ about an hour ago. We will be spending all of eight hours at this hotel, as we depart for La Fortuna at 6:30am tomorrow morning... bright and early. Today we flew from Portland to Dallas (nothing like Texas on the 4th of July!), and from Dallas to San Jose. Holy lightning storms for the last hour of our flight... it literally got almost pitch dark and we were bouncing up and down, side to side, watching lightning envelop our plane. As our pilot announced over the speaker, "if you're out of your seat during the next hour while it's sporty, you're going to be like a marble in a coke bottle." SO happy to be on the ground right now, though I'm still swaying a little. :)

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