one year.

It's amazing to me how quickly one year of marriage went by, when it seemed like it took forever for our wedding day to arrive. 
I don't know if we're the anomaly to what your first year of marriage is supposed to be like, but I think that we would be the first to admit that there was a pretty big learning curve between what our expectations and our realities were for what being married {and to eachother, no less} was going to be like.
We're transparent enough in that we realize that we're both driven, passionate and stubborn people. The things we have in common are important to us, and the things we don't have in common are important to us. Therefore, working on willing and fair compromise has been one of our more marked areas of growth. :) We've come a long way since day one!  
On our wedding day we looked at eachother with pure optimism and dedication; with the kind of inhibition and anticipation that said, "we can get through anything together
However, one of our biggest battles has been our "selfs." Those circumstances life threw at us this year that weren't very pleasant? Piece of cake. Getting through a fight because one of us let pride overcome peace? A lot tougher than we'd planned on.
What I have enjoyed so much about this past year is the sense of knowing that I have of my husband, and that he has of me: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've learned that maybe I'm not as clean and organized as I though I was {or that he'd like me to be!}; that one of his quirks is being able to line up clutter symmetrically so that it has the facade of "purpose," instead of being a haphazard scattering... 
I've seen how generous my husband is with people in need, and we've shared many late nights grading papers and lesson planning together. I've learned that he enjoys getting up {very} early, and he's learned that flowers and a glass of wine waiting for me after a hard day make all the difference in the world. 
Year one was bumpy, not gonna lie. But we're heading into year two with a foundation of love, respect, and a kind of knowing and understanding that can only be learned through marriage. I know he likes grocery outlet, he knows I like Trader Joe's. I know he likes Goodwill, he knows I like Nordstrom. ;) 

Happy one year anniversary to us. 


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