A summer of productivity

In order to liven up our summer days (and hold ourselves accountable to get around to those boring chores we've procrastinated on), we decided to create a jar full of dates, chores, and spontaneous adventures that we draw from on any day when we don't have plans. 

We both filled the jar over the weekend with things we've talked about doing, places we've always wanted to go, restaurants we've wanted to eat at, and (bigger) house chores that we haven't seemed to set aside time to do. We add to it when we remember something we forgot to put in, or when we spot something in the house that needs fixing/cleaning/organizing.

On day one (Monday), we drew our first card... I was so excited. It's seriously like Christmas in July. So what did it say? "Transfer $50 into savings instead of spending money today." Ouch. I'm sure I'll be happy about that decision come a time in which we need $50, but so much for exciting. 

Yesterday we had the Sara Bareilles + Joshua Radin concert that we've been planning on for the past four months, so we knew we'd be getting happy hour and hanging out there. Thus, no card drawn. Just Zumba. :)

Today's card {as my heart did a little drumroll before I unfolded it}...


Shamefully, I even asked T if we could put the card back for one day and draw again, but he reminded me that we've agreed to stick to it no matter what. {He might be regretting that when we draw the "roadtrip to San Francisco" card!} :)

However, we dutifully marched into our overflowing, put-off-cleaning-until-summer-comes office and got to work. I'm embarrassed to show you what our office looked like *before*; however, I wanted to be like one of those homes on HGTV where you're appalled at what the conditions look like before a little elbow grease and organization are involved. Our office was our, "I don't know where this goes, so I'll just put it in the office for now" place... 

After filling three garbage sacks and utilizing our storage boxes to their full potential (not to mention a hefty dose of pledge for dusting), our office is so much more livable and usable than it was before. It still has a little more work to do, but since we're crammed to the seams in our little apartment, it's going to have to do for now. :) Hopefully tomorrow will yield a much more exciting day trip opportunity! 

 We can see the floor! Success!



  1. I love this idea, Megan! It's perfect for two teachers and would be much more fun together, but I might just make one for myself for the rest of the summer. ;)


  2. Yes! It is great accountability (and adventure); however, you have to make sure that you do whatever card you draw! If I didn't have T here, I definitely would have put that card back today... ha.


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