What $1 can buy...

I loved today. It really taught me two things: 1. How much you can get at the Dollar Tree for just $1, and 2. How seriously people take spelling bees in Portland.  I feel like an entire Portlandia episode could be filmed at Mississippi Pizza that captures the essence of east Portland. I digress...
So we actually cheated and pulled two date cards today, because our first one was something that only took about 30 minutes. We drew the card that required that we clean out our deck closet, organize our "collections" out there, and make a large Goodwill run. It feels sooooooo good to de-clutter, let me tell you!
Since we were so productive, we drew another card which was one that Timothy put in. It said:
 This was so so so much fun!! I never knew how great a Dollar Store trip could be. For serious. 
So here are the rules:
#1 Each person only gets 15 minutes to shop
#2 You need to look for the worst gift possible there. Meaning: "I can't believe they sell this here?!" Such a gift that would generate laughter/tears/bewilderment
#3 Said gift needs to be presented to its recipient in either:
  • Newspaper
  • A grocery bag
  • A towel
  • Plastic bags
 The purpose for this is so that the one who you've intended to give the gift to has as much anticipation as is possible when they are opening their present. 

I really had a difficult time nailing down my decision at the Dollar Tree, as there were just too many gems out there. Here are a few of what my top contenders were for my July 25th present to T:
Pickeled vegetables? Shelf life: 8 years. Yummy...

 I'm a little frightened by this offering!

 Deeeeeeelish. Squeezy cheese.

An opened pack of marshmallows, anyone?

However. Despite what prized possessions you see displayed above, there was one gift that caught my eye like none other, and I knew right away it was the winner. I put loving care into how I wrapped this gift (a flower bag + dishtowels), and just knew that my husband's self esteem would be boosted with such a thoughtful present. I really had his best intentions in mind. 


It even comes with such informative explanations such as this:
Just what every guy needs. You're welcome, T. :)

And what was my gift, you ask?
Well, I know not much could top Muscle Building 101, but T's gift showed that the Dollar Tree really has products that meet just about every need out there:

 Wow! Thanks honey! (I wonder if they accept returns?)

 Thought for the day: There's something for everyone at the Dollar Tree.

We opened our gifts at Mississippi Pizza & Pub on Mississippi Ave. in NE Portland with our good friends Lisa & Phil, and stayed for Spelling Bee night which is always held on Mondays. It's something we've wanted to do for a long time, and thought we'd give our spelling abilities a shot in the competition. 

The competition is fierce...

I'm sad to report that I was eliminated in the third round over the word "codeine" (although it's probably good I didn't know that spelling? I thought it was coedine...) and Timothy was eliminated in the second round over the word "entourage"... he forgot the u. 

If you ever have the chance to visit Mississippi Pizza Pub & have an affinity for all things spelling & word origins, I highly recommend enter the challenge (it's free!). There are some people who take the gig pretty seriously; however, it's a blast with friends and you may surprise yourself how far you make it. :) 

3552 N. Mississippi Ave. 
Portland, OR 97227

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