5 Things Friday

Okay. This is the sapster post. I'm just warning you in advance. 

Sorry everyone, but this 5 Things Friday list is all about my super-amazing hubby, T. Love. 

He wins the 5 Things Friday list dedication for today because he sweated his way through painting, taping, unpacking, bulletin board-creating, poster-hanging and garbage-emptying to support me in setting up my classroom. I seriously could not have done it without him.

5 things I adore about my husband

1. He *always* and I mean always holds the door open for not only me, but anyone around him. Sometimes he is that guy who has to stand there with the door open for 5 minutes because 15 people are passing through. :)

2. If he sees someone in need on the side of the road, he will almost always (when it's safe to do so!) pull over to assist them, see if they need help or call for help for them. 

3. He is incredibly generous and never lets anyone split the bill or pay for him/us at dinners (unless they sneak a fast one on him!) And yes, if you're reading this and we go out to dinner with you, expect that we'll pay for you unless you happen to intercept the server first... ;)

4. He is steadfast in what he believes and doesn't hold back from speaking the truth, yet does so in a way that is authentic and sincere, not brash or headstrong.

5. He takes care of me. Whether it's bringing me coffee in bed, having a listening ear when I've had a bad day, or helping me with things I need help with, I can trust him with anything. 


I am so blessed to have someone like him in my life, and he totally deserves the 5 Things Friday list honor. I could definitely come up with ten things, but that just isn't as alliterative... ;)

//Yet-to-be-married ladies, don't settle for anything less! :) 

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