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This is probably the first and only blog post that will delve, ever-so-slightly into political issues. Not that I am against them, but this is just not really the place that I want toproclaim personal opinions about politics...

With that said, something has resonated strongly with me today as I've been thinking about the headlining news and the state of what our great nation looks like on the morning of August 6th, 2011. 

T and I were having coffee at Starbucks today, and a couple next to us were chatting with their coffee and newspapers. The husband pulls out his Kindle, opens it to the main news page, and holds it up for his wife to see. The headline read: "America's credit rating falls to AA+ status; now below Lichtenstein. A looming crisis?"

His wife profusely shook her head, raised her voice and said, "I can't look at that! I read about Wu, I read about the helicopter crash, but now this. It frightens me too much!" She began talking quicker in a high-pitched voice and was visibly distressed and shaken. She started talking about all of the ramifications our nation is going to face, how it's going to affect children, how it's going to separate classes, and how afraid she is. Her patient husband sat and listened to her, but she was in such a frenzy over the news, that I wondered how other people in the nation are feeling right now, too. 

I'll be honest. I don't really have a clue what an AA+ compared to an AAA rating means for us, who the S & P are, why the stocks are falling, and how $2 trillion in cuts will impact our future. I'm not entirely sure I even care at this point because it's all so big. What I do know is that God sits enthroned on this entire situation, and He has faithfully promised protection and deliverance to all who are called to Him. None of this surprises him. He sits enthroned on all crises, on all turmoil, on all despair and on all wreckage this world produces on a daily basis. He isn't apathetic, but compassionate. And God is our provider-- that much He has promised. He is the giver of resources and everything we have belongs to Him. 

So when I read these kinds of  headlines and am tempted to be concerned or give into fear of the unknown, I am humbly reminded that God is my fortress and strength; in Him will I trust. I feel so incredibly thankful that I have a refuge in Him and that our future is completely in His hands. He is sovereign.

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