Family time. Favorite time.

I loooooooooooove spending time with my Cedergreen / Duerfeldt family.

My aunt and uncle on my mom's side live in Asheville, North Carolina, and I only get to see them once a year when they come to Oregon for their annual visit. We laugh SO much, and I feel closer to my mom every time we get together. 

Each year we stay at a place in Lincoln City that my family's been going to for over 40 years called The Ester Lee. The Ester Lee is totally your typical coastal motel and absolutely hasn't been updated in 40 years. But, it's cozy, totally clean and reminds me of being in your grandma's beach house. 

We spent the past three days in beach heaven: waking up with donuts and coffee, cast iron skillet breakfasts, reading books, endless pots of coffee, sandcastles on the beach, naps, happy hour, big family dinners, game night, desserts, wood burning fires, and repeat x 3. Plus, I was with people I absolutely love and stayed in sweats all day. Perfect. 

We had absolutely beautiful weather,

Fed the seagulls,

Colored and did school work,

Enjoyed happy hour,

Played board games, 

Watched movies, 

The sun set, 

And read dozens of books, magazines and newspapers in three days. :)


LOVE family time. Especially at the Ester Lee. :)

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