For serious?

So we just adopted the best cat in the world, Davey. He's the perfect addition to our family and I absolutely love him. I've had cats my entire life and missed having one of my own...

So, Davey jumped up on our bed the first night and we let him sleep there because we knew he was probably lonely and missed his family. 

I personally liked having him sleep on the bed because it reminded me of when all of my siblings and I would get on our parents' bed which we called "the boat," when we watched TV at night. Me, Timothy and Davey. Happy little family. 

So I'm loving this cat and all, letting it crawl on our faces and kiss us and sleep at the foot of our bed, lovin' being a cat owner, lovin' our little new friend, when all of a sudden, I find out that supposedly I'm not "allowed" to let my cat on my bed. That apparently, besides flushing cat poop down the toilet because it supposedly kills sea lions (sorry sea lions for my 48 hour transgression... I didn't know...), you're not supposed to let you cat sleep on your bed, cuddle you or kiss you. Why? Because it can pass on supposed parasitic viruses and bacteria, give you "cat scratch fever," or some other ailment because cats are apparently toxic creatures. 


What has this world come to if we can't even love on our own cats. 

I'm supposed to now add this to the check-list of things I'm not supposed to do in life:

  • Do not eat foods with MSG
  • Do not eat foods with high fructose corn syrup
  • Do not buy shampoos that have sulfates
  • Only buy paraben-free lotions and soaps
  • Do not buy plastics with BPA
  • Do not microwave plastics
  • Do not stand close to a microwave
  • Do not hold a cell phone up to my ear for extended periods of time
  • Only buy local produce (but even those strawberries recently had e.coli recalls... hmmmmm....)
  • Do not use bug spray with DEET
  • Do not use too much hand sanitizer, but use some hand sanitizer, and use it before meals, but don't use it too often...
  • Do not flush cat poop down the toilet (but apparently dog poop is okay?)
  • Do not have fun
  • Worry about all the things I'm not supposed to do
  • Worry about if there's something that I'm forgetting I'm not supposed to do
  • Worry about if I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to be doing, that will really turn back into something I should be doing

I'm honestly wondering at what point does it stop. Or continue. Or what's the point? Are we so afraid of something terrible happening to us that we live our lives in avoidance for the next fifty years of things that could possibly harm us? There's times I appreciate being informed and educated, but times when I'm frustrated and prefer the ignorance. I want to cuddle my cat at the foot of our bed and let him sniff our faces. I want to eat out and not wonder whether the beverage I'm enjoying has high fructose corn syrup. I want to drink a bottle of water and not have to worry if it has BPA in it. But can I?

Who should I be frustrated about with all of these "dont's?" The producers? The media? The advocates? Myself for giving into their worries? Probably me. I want to be responsible, informed and practical, but I also want to live life with out inhibitions or fears. Telling me I can't let my cat hang out nearby or that I have to wash my hands after petting him for fear of parasitic infections is just really the last straw, people. 

I'm sorry that this particular post is a rant of my quanderies, but I'd love some practical insights on how to proceed in life with caution tape all around, while being conscientious, informed, responsible, uninhibited and not being worried if my food falls on the floor (10 second rule?), thankyouverymuch.

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