Head above water

I imagine that being a teacher is somewhat like being a parent, only on a time clock and with a contract attached. You sacrifice so much, but you wouldn't have it any other way.

So much more is involved than just opening a door and teaching a class full of teenagers We hear all the time, "Oh, teachers should get paid more," or "I could never be a teacher because you don't make any money." With buzz words like budget cuts and limited funding; lack of resources and increased class sizes pelting the education world these days, we sometimes feel like an army with our shields up fighting off the swords coming our way. But doing so successfully. 

You see, for most of us, we wouldn't see it any other way. It would be really nice to not have to worry about the logistics and budget and wondering if our job is stable for the next year, and yet even during these tough times, we survive. And we keep coming back for more. We shut the door of our classrooms at the end of the day after a particularly difficult class is finished, and we turn around and show up the next morning by choice. We get joy out of investing in our students and helping them navigate their adolescent years. We embrace the challenge of differentiating our instruction towards very diverse students-- many in which we have absolutely nothing in common with. And yet we manage to find common ground. 

Being a teacher is tough work. But in the end, the sacrifice is so worth it and I can't imagine doing anything else. My attitude towards whatever this year and this profession might hand me is "bring it on." Education is one of the most rewarding professions, and it's amazing to me that I even get a paycheck each month for doing something that I love. 

A friend shared a great article that gives you some insight into the fiscal challenges we face, while maintaining a structured and balanced classroom for each student that walks through our door: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-herman-class-size-20110731,0,3910343.story

Have a great Labor Day everyone! We're bringing on this lesson planning this weekend... :)

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