Loveliness {a belated 5 Things Friday}

I missed 5 Things Friday!!

I can't believe it. 

The crazy-busy life of the Love household has officially commenced effective 8am this morning, as all teachers in the state reported back to work. Between lesson planning this past week, shooting a wedding, traveling to the coast and editing photos, last week's blog posting took an {unplanned} vacation. 

This morning's drive into my first day of school at a brand new school in a brand new district had me thinking of all of the things that I consider to be just lovely. I was driving through the scenic Scholls farm country, passing dewey wheat fields and a misty sky. The morning light was peeking through the clouds, and the corn stalks were taking height. I'm totally blessed that I can just cruise on autopilot to work and drive by God's Creation instead of being trapped in a gridlocked corridor (sorry I-84 commuters...)

I also have been spending tedious time editing my dear and wonderful friend Michael Sleigh's wedding (check out our "Our Story" page for more on Michael's importance in our life!) from this weekend. To say I was blessed to be the photographer for their wedding is an understatement. 

I have just been surrounded by lovely things all weekend long. Therefore, in no particular order, 5 of the loveliest things I have observed over these past few days:

1. The way the groom greatfully, adoringly and with humility looked on his bride walking down the aisle towards him. It is one of the most precious things I have ever seen (and get to see each time I'm capturing a wedding). 

2. A symbolic act of servanthood, where the groom and his bride washed eachother's feet gently and tenderly in the stream behind their ceremony site. They kneeled before one another, prayed over one another, and had a beautiful moment of privacy before they became man and wife. 

3. The way the scent of dew and grass permeated through the crisp air this morning as I drove with the windows down on rural roads during sunrise.

4. Being surrounded by trees on all sides of us driving from Tillamook to Willamina on highway 22. Rustic cabins, bubbling rivers, small churches and vast forests swept up our car and we soaked in the warm sunlight with the windows down. Thirty minutes of paradise and fresh air.
5. Meeting all of my fellow staff members at my new school today-- the people I will go to for support, that I will partner with as we teach our students, and that share the same passion for this profession that I do. It's humbling to be a part of this new school, and a privilege to call these guys my colleagues. I'm looking forward to a fantastic year as we partner together for our students.


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