Moonlight Canoe-dling

So my husband really likes water stuff. Kayaking, surfing, innertubing, canoeing, you name it. Being the good and dutiful newlywed wife that I was (am), last year for his birthday I bought him the ultimate canoe trip in the ultimate place for canoeing - Bend, Oregon. 

I was so proud of myself. I booked a weekend away last September without him knowing, got a great deal on a hotel (thanks, Priceline), and had it all lined up to get a private moonlight canoe tour of Sparks Lake near Mt. Bachelor beneath the stars. We were going to have hot chocolate, warm blankets, a bonfire, dessert, and paddle just the two of us in the crisp mountain air. 

Well, birthday morning arrived and in true Oregon fashion, so did the rain. And not just any rain, but torrential, downpouring, thunder-storming rain. We drove all the way to Bend, hoping that the cold weather and rain storm would be staved off, but no such luck. So, we had to postpone our canoe tour almost an entire year, because the tours close down starting in October and shift to snowshoeing tours of Mt. Bachelor instead. We made the most of our little getaway, however, and watched TV in bed in our PJs, went out to dinners and enjoyed a little R & R sans the canoe trip. 

I'm happy to report, however, that just yesterday we were able to make up our "rain check" and finally take that moonlight canoe tour in Bend we had been waiting for. We went with the highly recommended #1 tourism company in Bend, Wanderlust Tours, and they absolutely did not disappoint. It was a 5 hour trip, and we were picked up in downtown Bend and transported up to Elk Lake which has absolutely breathtaking views of Broken Top & Mt. Bachelor. We paddled out at sunset and got to watch the gorgeous change in colors in the sky which then traded places with the 70% full moon and crystal-clear stars. The water was so still and peaceful, and you could see all the way to the bottom because they do not allow motor boats on Elk Lake. 

We paddled out to our own private cove where our guide had hot chocolate, drinks and a berry cobbler for dessert waiting for us around a big bonfire. It was the perfect addition to a summer Bend getaway and the camp smells of smoke, pine trees and sage were just out of this world. It became pitch black on the water except for the shining of the moonlight which guided us back to shore, and it was so humbling to just be at the center of Creation. 

I highly, highly recommend any of Wanderlust Tour company's various tours if you plan to visit Bend anytime soon, but more particularly the moonlight/starlight tour. It was absolutely worth the money and we would do it again. 

(PS- we booked another room through Priceline... $70 for a 3 star in Bend, breakfast and WiFi included! Can't beat it. :) Priceline.)

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