Thoughts from a busy Tuesday

Holy moly. As of August 1st, life just got 83% busier. 

T and I promised eachother that we would treat ourselves to 6 weeks of summer vacation. (Technically we teachers are supposed to get 10, but for those who are teachers, it doesn't exactly really work out that way...)

So. We traveled. We slept in. We date jar-ed (still doing it! Just not on a daily basis... boo hoo). We shopped. Ate out. Played. 

But come August 1st... work officially began again for the Love household. I've been lucky to do two super fun and cute photo shoots this week with these lovely moms + their babies:

August is also filled with weddings and engagement portraits, Les Miserables tomorrow (so excited!), family reunions, classroom set-up, in-service weeks, lesson planning up our ears, and I'm anticipating many cups of coffee at various Starbucks locations across the Portland Metro area this month as we prepare for another middle school year. We are some blessed people. 
If you have a vacation day coming up this week or a day with nothing planned, try going on a mini-road trip! There are so many fabulous places waiting to be explored or discovered nearby, and spontaneous adventures are some of the best you can have. There are 6 weeks left of summer... live it up! Visit a winery, check out a new museum exhibit, visit a beach you've never been to, eat at a  restaurant you haven't been to before, drive to a state park, go on a hike to a new place... try something different for a change and tell me about it!

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  1. hello! i saw your comment on chelsea's blog (when i guest posted) about my photo. i uploaded it to photobucket and cross processed it. it's pretty simple and makes the colors so fun. hope that helps!


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