Vacation's over

Trust me. I'm not complaining that today is my last official day of summer vacation, because I realize that we're ridiculously fortunate to have summers off. 

I have no clue what this new school year is going to bring. I'm excited, but freaked. Prepared, but definitely not. Confident, but insecure. Me = a paradox of various emotions. 

Teaching is an incredible profession, and I think what makes me the most insecure each year is how responsible I am for the lives within my classroom walls. "My kids," as I'll affectionately call them through the school year. I'll celebrate birthdays, choir performances, lacrosse matches, football games, school plays and band concerts. I'll run into them at the grocery store or in the neighborhood, connect with new parents and get to know each and every individual idiosyncrasy that my students have.

I wonder what my challenges are going to be this year. 
I wonder what my successes will be. 
I wonder who my hard ones will be, and how we'll work together. 
I wonder who is going to experience the most growth and how they'll get there. 
I wonder who I'm going to laugh about with the kind of appreciation only a teacher could have. 
I wonder what mistakes I'm going to make. 
I wonder what I'm going to celebrate. 
I wonder what I'll learn about myself. 
I wonder what I'll discover about what it means to be a teacher.
I have my bulletin boards up, my first week of lesson plans, my popsicle sticks written, my birthday cards made, my desks set up and my notebooks and comp books arranged. 

However, no amount of planning ahead can prepare you for the moment when the bell rings, and 35 teenagers walk into your room, sit down, and trust you to be responsible for them and their education for nine months. If you think jumping out of an airplane is an adrenaline rush, try teaching. 
It honestly is such a privilege, and I'm totally excited for what this new year is going to bring.  


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