5 Things Friday

Going back to work this week after an eventfully travel-filled, lazy summer has bit somewhat of a difficult adjustment for me. I was used to getting up at 8:30, making coffee, pulling something out of the date jar and having blissfully fun and productive days. I'm super blessed to have a job and am absolutely LOVING IT at my new school!!!! {!!!!!!!}, BUT. Waking up early and being on my feet all day hasn't been totally welcomed by my body as quickly as I'd like it to. It's been a busy, busy week with awesome students, challenges, some stretching, and some new friendships with my colleagues. {Plus a little coffee-- okay, a lot-- and some great This American Life podcasts for my drive to and from school}. So, in honor of back-to-work/school week, this 5 Things Friday is dedicated to the top five things I love about the weekends:


1. SLEEPING IN. {!!} enough said.

2. Big breakfasts with T. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we stay in. But we always go big. That's what Saturdays are for!

3. Friday night date night. It's reserved for just us and we only break this date if it's absolutely necessary. We always go somewhere for happy hour and catch up about our weeks, say hi, or check in, because things are absolutely crazy Monday - Friday in the Love household. :) 

4. Naptime. Looooooooooooove Saturday afternoon naps, especially in the fall when it's raining and you have no place to go except your couch or bed. Sweats, pjs, a good book, some papers to grade, baking, hot tea or coffee..... LOVE it. 

5. Church! I absolutely loved getting refreshed by my church family on the weekend after we pour our lives into our jobs. I feel rejuvenated, purposeful, and love just worshiping and being filled those days.

Weekends are seriously so rewarding. God knew what He was doing when he created the Sabbath. :)


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