Timothy and I witnessed a slightly disturbing and perplexing situation this weekend after we went to a 3rd grade football game in Hillsboro. 

We were leaving to go home, and right in front of us a commotion began to break out between a car with his blinker on in the parking lot, and a car that was half-pulled into a space. 

A man lept out of his parked truck and went over to a van that had half-pulled into a parking space and began to yell obscenities at him regarding the fact that this van had apparently "stolen HIS space." He opened the van's door and rested his hand on the roof, getting in the driver's face about the other driver's arrogance and lack of manners. The van driver was clearly taken aback and muttered that he hadn't noticed the man's blinker on, and that would give him the space. The truck driver patronizes back, "You're going to give me MY space? Wow, how kind of you."

As this is happening, Timothy has planted himself in front of the scene as he is hoping to get the van driver's attention and let him know our spot, two cars back, would be available. And if this interaction wasn't bad enough, there was a young boy in the back of the yelling man's truck who was heading off to his football game.

Timothy and I were so shocked and disappointed at the lack of regard and respect, and the overall sense of entitlement this man had towards a parking spot. A parking spot that he certainly does not own, and a parking spot that, yes, he has every right to be annoyed at if a man broke the rules of civility and "took it," but one that did not warrant the harassment that ensued. 

We had a long conversation about this afterwards, regarding the lack of manners and respect our current society has for one another. We'll be in line at Starbucks and hear customers in front of us patronize the barista, or be at dinner with someone who argues with the server. Where did we learn this sense of entitlement from? The way that we treat one another has a huge impact on the lives of others, and I don't think we recognize this often enough. 

I would love to see a society full of people who are simply kind to one another. Who show deference. Who don't think of themselves as greater than someone else. Who let someone cut in front of them on the road and don't care. Who don't mind when someone cuts in front of them in line. Who share and who just practice simple graciousness and appreciation for others who serve and help us. 

Let's just be like that to people, okay? Next time you're at coffee or at dinner or in a position when someone is serving you somewhere, maybe remember to just thank them for what they do? Life would be so much more comfortable if we were all just nice to each other.

Let's try it? :)

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