Road Trip 2012

So T and I have settled on next year's vacation: road tripping across America! We are planning on driving the entire perimeter of the US without really a timeframe in mind. Our budget will dictate how far and for how long we can travel, but we're pretty stoked to intimately explore America like we never have before. 

We have been to several states; however, this is where we need your help: tell us where we HAVE to go. You know, those must-see places, hidden restaurants, beautiful parks, cool hotels, etc. We're not going to be in the mid-west, but we'll be pretty much everywhere else. Our goal is to be in each city for two nights so we can really explore, but some places we might choose to stay longer (like Washington D.C.).

I for one am totally stoked on this idea because we have just traveled to other countries so much that it's going to be really great to explore home. America is incredibly diverse, rich and full of amazing history, food and people. It's going to be pretty rad. 

Alongside our roadtrip journey, we're going to be delivering school supplies to schools we pass by looking like they could use a little assistance. We're going to spend this school year individually fundraising and trying to put together at least $100 baskets for at least 10 schools, and would love to partner with you on that as well. We haven't decided exactly how we're going to find the schools to donate to: whether we're going to plan ahead and pre-arrange a visit, or whether we're going to just look for ones along the way that look like they could need some help. We'd love it to be a huge endeavor and have more supplies than we know what to do with, so we'll just see how God chooses to bless this trip. 

All we know is that we're pretty excited for Road Trip USA 2012. God Bless America. ;)

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