Summer 2012.

Ahhhhhh! I am TOTALLY stoked for some travel plans for 2012 that have recently entered my brain. I'm trying to figure out right now whether they're too big, too monumental or whether they can actually happen how I'm planning on them happening. 

{I realize that these statements are very vague and enigmatic...}

I want to throw this idea out to you all for feedback, but also want to wait a few days to see whether it's worthwhile. My mind has been going a mile a minute with excitement and I'm trying to determine whether it's totally my flesh or whether God planted this idea. I have to disclose that the travel plans definitely don't involve us just living it up in some fabulous foreign city! They would be much more others-focused than us-focused. 

Prayers and clarity of vision would be APPRECIATED! And then, once I've convinced my husband that we can do it (or God totally puts the breaks on this plan), I'll debut it for your feedback and hopefully support. :)

Cheers everyone and happy Labor Day weekend! Pray that God would use us big and open doors if this is something He wants us to do!

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