What a lovely weekend...

Considering I had such a  grumpy attitude on Friday night, I couldn't have expected a more perfect weekend to happen. My sweet husband overcame his sickness in like 12 hours, so he was good as new Saturday morning. Therefore, for the next 36 hours we were able to make some great memories and regain what Friday night didn't allow (even if I did learn some life lessons...)

A recap:

1. Breakfast at Farm to Fork restaurant in Dundee. I've driven by this place dozens and dozens of times and have always wanted to eat there, but it isn't exactly in the most convenient location for both of us to trek to on the weekends. Fortunately, our Saturday adventure brought us to the coast, so driving right past it was on our route. It was DE.Licious. Absolutely in the running for best breakfast in the world so far. I felt like I was eating in the middle of a Pottery Barn magazine.

2. Auditioning for Wheel of Fortune: Portland Edition in Lincoln City. My family has been wheel watchers for about the past 30+ years and counting. If you stop by my dad's house on a Monday - Friday between 7pm and 8pm, you can expect two things to be present on his TV: Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. This hasn't changed in the 27 years I have known my dad. (We're not even allowed to call him during that time). Needless to say, we thought it would be fun to try out. I went down a couple of years ago when it was last year, but it's super hard to get on. You fill out an application and then put it in a big wheeled drum. Then someone draws an application at random, and that's how you get on stage. Kinda hard and the odds aren't necessarily in your favor, but it's fun energy anyway (out of two filmings, neither of our names were drawn...) But they are holding auditions for one more weekend (Oct. 1 - 2) so you should definitely check it out!

3. Make-up date night at !Oba! Resaturante in the Pearl. I have always LOVED Oba's happy hour menu, decor and energy, but have never eaten in the restaurant (that was for the fancy people...) but T and I decided to treat ourselves to their special 4-course dinner offering. I was hesitant at first at Oba's eccentric menu offerings; however, I never could have imagined that the flavor combinations put together would be so incredible but we were both blown away. It was the first time I can remember (except for when we eat at our beloved Piazza Italia) that we literally licked every plate we had clean. It was a magical evening and a food-lover's paradise. I highly, highly recommend Oba. 

4. Early church + Sunday School teaching at our beloved church, Beaverton Foursquare. A lot of our friends that we check in with have asked where we're going to church, since we met initially when we were both attending Solid Rock Fellowship. My family grew up at Beaverton Foursquare, and I started going back there a couple of years ago and got plugged in teaching 2nd grade SS. When T and I got married, he was attending Newberg Fellowship full-time and I went with him there and stepped away from my ministry position. However, it was put on our {okay, strongly mine but I have a loving and supportive husband} hearts that our home church should permanently be Beaverton Foursquare. I had been feeling the pull to go back there for a long time and we are super blessed by our family there. The church building is simply a house for the church body, so we still feel that we are a part of the Newberg Fellowship and Solid Rock families as well. So many incredible brothers and sisters in Christ out there. :) 

Anyway, we love our Sundays. 

5. Taking my niece to get her ears pierced for the first time. My husband doesn't understand how this can be a big deal, but if you're a girl and you have a daughter {okay, I have a niece...}, you surely understand that first ear piercings are a big deal. :) Brittany and I took her to get her "princess earrings" and it was quite the experience. She didn't particularly care for the process {okay, that's an understatement...}, but loved her ears when they were finished. We rewarded her bravery with a pink Build-a-Bear {aptly named "princess" by the princess herself!}. 

Ear piercing days are just a big deal, okay. :)

6. A little pedicure time by myself at my favorite salon, Moda Nails. Love it! My considerate husband said that I deserved a pedicure after taking care of him on Friday, and since we had been counting down the days to pay for oh, the past six weeks, my toes were in dire shape. A little "me" time was such a blessing and now I won't be embarrassed to wear sandals anymore. ;)

7. TV and dinner night with my hubby! We love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC and are winding down after a long week and busy weekend. Grading is done and all that's left is hanging out. I'd say it was a good weekend, and I'm definitely humbled since I wasn't the most enthusiastic person on Friday night! 

Onto Monday... Starbucks is calling my name!

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