Persistent faith


Our faith is seriously in the process of being tested. We have literally been on a ginormous emotional roller coaster with our home, which comes in part from our apparent naivety in what the home-buying purchase should look like. We: looked at the bottom line, what our mortgage payments would be, could we afford it on one income (yes), what our down payment was, and what the appraised value of our home vs. the price we were paying was. We felt (and still do) confident about the particular *home*, our dream home, and what it represented for us. We thoroughly researched every nuance related to the home: what the comparable houses in the neighborhood were being paid, how many people bought homes in the neighborhood, etc. We researched mortgage rates, mortgage programs, warranties, etc. We felt SO confident about our purchase, that "us" wasn't something we thought would be a problem. 

Apparently it is. 

We've gone from watching HGTV home shows every day, planning our paint and interior design schemes and envisioning family gatherings in our living room to praying each morning, each afternoon and each evening that this home would become ours. Weird scenarios have happened to us in this process, from the banks reducing their threshold (overnight) from a 45% monthly payment vs. monthly wages down to a 41%, which knocked us out of the running, to being required to put down 10% when we only have 9% (where are we supposed to get those extra $$$$? They might as well be millions). Something that should be so EASY considering all factors on our end support a home purchase on even just *1* income, but the stringency post-recession may very well be prohibiting us from owning this home. 

I had to just cry before God today asking what we were supposed to do: Should I take these all as signs that we're not supposed to have this home and know that there is a reason for all of it? Or is He just testing our faith to trust him that He'll work something out for good and that we will get our home in the end? Every single day something happens to delay our loan processing-- needing another document, recording numbers wrong, needing to increase down payment, etc., and now we're a week and a half past where we should have been and a week and a half away from finding out of we qualify for a different loan opportunity.

Timothy and I still feel like this home is really the right one for us and we have to fight for us. We are praying for wisdom and asking God to make it clear to us if we're not supposed to own that home. But for now, we're fighting for it and doing the best that we can to remain steadfast and patient. It's just SO difficult because we really want to be connected to our home and start planning, preparing, shopping for curtains and appliances... and we have to wait. 

We would really appreciate your prayers that this new loan opportunity would work out: It's a very niche and specific loan that we actually qualify for-- a first time homebuyer, new construction, rural property loan. Our particular neighborhood actually happens to qualify for rural because it's in farm area of Washington County, and our home is new construction and we're first time home buyers. This loan approval would be a HUGE blessing, because it would actually make our payments lower than a traditional loan... it just requires a 2% up front fee which we don't have, but could trust that God would provide somehow if it's meant to be. 

Thanks for joining us on this prayer journey. It's been incredibly emotional and we are just so ready to be in our home, settled, and hosting all of you at our housewarming party. :)



In the sake of being transparent, I am just going to let you know that I would love some prayers over our life these next couple of weeks. 

I have been waking up every morning will balled-up fists and a headache, wearily wondering what the day is going to bring. From kids trying to pick fights to family members walking out; from hopes deferred to lacking sleep, I'm just feeling incredibly weary and in need of refreshment. 

I've stopped listening to music in the morning so that I can focus and rest and pray during my commute. I'm just asking that God to give me a peace beyond anything I can imagine right now. I am not always a strong person-- I need encouragement just like everyone else.

I'm kind of feeling like a quarterback right now, running with the ball, goal in sight, but people and circumstances trying to jump on top of me, run into me, and throw me to the ground. I'm just tired. 

Two specific things you could be praying for: One, that our loan would get approved this week so that we can fully connect with our home. After our offer was accepted, we were totally excited but this loan process has been taking a very long time and we are trying not to be discouraged or lose hope. Timothy says it's a win-win, because if we're approved, we get the house, but if we're not, it means it wasn't meant to be and that God has something better. It's hard to have long-range faith, but I need to remember that. We're specifically asking for this house as the situation is so perfect for us, but we are still waiting on that final "yes," which seems like it's taking decades to receive. 

...and two, that God would just totally give me peace and allow me to be rested and refreshed in the mornings. The stress of this home purchase and the details involved, as well as many other factors have been affecting me a lot and I just want to be more patient and confident. 

--In other news, three of the four prayer requests from my previous blog have already been answered and for that I am grateful! (Especially for being able to find my glasses...) :)



T and I went and saw the movie "Courageous" tonight. I am still floored and stunned and speechless from it... and we've been home for an hour now. I literally couldn't talk without getting choked up for the first fifteen minutes after we left the theatre. It was the first movie in ten years that my husband cried in. Like, cried enough that when we were leaving the theatre, we both couldn't even talk to each other because we were still crying. We were still moved and challenged. 

Praise God for filmmakers with such determination and focus to produce movies about marriage and family, invest in them, and release them to the mainstream public. The theatre was filled when we went, and Courageous has been in the box office for over three weeks now. Christian media gets a bad wrap sometimes for being too hokey and cheesy, but I tell you: If you've been through something challenging and God delivered and provided for you, or if you've had a difficult time in your marriage, or experienced situations where your fathers let you down (or you feel the determination that you want to be a great father/parent to your children), "Facing the Giants," "Courageous," and "Fireproof" are movies that will encourage you in some way. 

It's so refreshing to see truth on the big screen. To see people hearing the message that their dads might have let them down or abandoned them, or they might need the strength to walk with integrity and make choices honoring to God in a movie theatre is awesome. 

For those of you who don't know what the movie "Courageous" is all about, it's from the makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants (both great movies!), and focuses on the responsibility that fathers have in the lives of their children. It encourages fathers to be courageous, to be leaders, to be active in their faith to support and lead their families, and to not just be passive or selfish or neglectful because of busy-ness or stress. Their families need them. 

It follows a team of police officers who deal mostly with individuals on the warrant lists, many of which come from fatherless homes. Their sheriff begins researching the trends of fatherless homes, or abusive / neglectful fathers and the impact it has on children, and discovers that kids are twenty times more likely to end up in jail if they have a disconnected, abusive or neglectful father in their life. It talks about the fact that children NEED their fathers, and need fathers who will speak beauty and truth and life into them so that they can grow up assured of who they are. 

It also gives encouragement to those who do not have supportive, loving or strong fathers, or who have grown up fatherless, that they have a Heavenly Father who is far greater than any earthly father, who created us, loves us, provides for us and protects us, and that every good thing is from Him. He gives us the strength to be courageous. 

There were many tears, times of laughter, times of suspense and action, but all in all it was phenomenal filmmaking that I am absolutely going to see multiple times. The impact it could have on the fathers of our society as a whole is mind-blowing. If I had enough money to buy every person in the world a ticket, I would. So I'm just starting with my own family. :)

PLEASE see this movie if you have the time, and tell me what you thought of it. You won't be disappointed.  



Boxing Match.

I am about to go and be surrounded by nine amazing, dear, close friends which is the perfect antidote to this stress. 

Our lives have felt like we're in a rollercoaster-slash-boxing match-slash-yo-yo. I thought the path to homeownership was a simple one?

At any rate, we have a few prayer requests that are currently threatening our anxiety level and we are just trying to trust God to handle the logistics. UPS loves logistics; I do not. 

1. That Prudential would get their act together and send us what we need in a timely manner. They have been a ginormous headache throughout this whole process because their communication time frames are prehistoric. Timothy is going to be an hour late for our dinner tonight because they were supposed to fax something at 4:00pm. Never did. He waited for an hour. He called back. It never showed up, so he had to leave. Wasted time. So: Prudential-- throw us a bone here and send us what we need by Monday.

2. That we would be able to pro-rate the amount of money due in December to our apartment landlord and can move out on the 17th as planned. They are asking for a whole chunk of unnecessary change to move out, and their graciousness and favor would save us a lot of money (and headache).

3. That our loan request would get approved! Everything right now is hinging on that. Our offer was submitted and approved long ago for the house, but the loan procedure has taken nearly two weeks now and it's causing us a lot of stress and anxiety. I know we need to be confident and relaxed, but we are working really hard on our end to make everything happen and getting excited, but trying not to count our chickens before they hatch.

If all of these things happened next week, one after the other, we would be some blessed people. Logistics are just reallllllllllllllllllllllllly discouraging sometimes, and your prayers for this process of ours would be SO genuinely appreciated.

(Oh. And that I would find my glasses. I have been vision impaired this entire week, and they are nowhere to be found. Even the little things matter, ya know?)   :)



We've been under a bit of overwhelming stress lately, which has really reaffirmed our commitment to each other. 

We've had to define the truth of Genesis 2:24, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." I don't think we realize how important this command is from the Lord until we're actually living it, nor do we realize the blessing that it holds when we realize that God is our Father and our spouse is our partner in life, no matter what else happens. It's an amazing feeling to hold fast to your partner, keep God center and stay focused on truth. 

There have been circumstances where we've had to focus on who God sees us as, who we know we are as people, and who we want to be together. 

I prayed a few days ago that God would just bless us. That He would provide light and hope and peace in our lives in the midst of our trials and that He would remind us of His presence and power. 

It's amazing how quickly He answers prayer. From our apartment lease situation being resolved to a parent calling me out of the blue to tell me how much their student enjoys having me as a teacher; from the students stopping by at the end of the day to wish me a good week, to encouraging emails from family and friends in moments we need it the most. Totally blessed beyond measure.

I'm so thankful that no matter what ups and downs life presents, God is with us. Stronger. Sovereign. Knows us better than we know ourselves, and blesses us right where we're at. Reason # 1842827164 that I am so glad I follow Jesus.

Again: friends and family, we appreciate you and all of the love and kindness and encouragement and support and generosity and fun and laughter and joy that you are to us. Thank you!


Whistler 2011

Well. It certainly was hard to drive home Sunday morning after a peaceful and serene getaway, snuggled in the mountains of Whistler. 

Visiting Whistler has been on both of our "must-do" lists for a long time, and we never could get around to it over the summer (which is probably a good thing, because we did so much traveling then). 

Whistler's "slump season" is October, because they don't receive snowfall, but most people are back to school and not vacationing. Thus = mad $$$ discounts on hotel rooms during that time. Fortunately for us, we're only a seven hour drive away from Whistler so it's not much of a hassle to take advantage of that opportunity. 

Timothy and I stayed at a gorgeously perfect hotel called "First Tracks Lodge." We found it on Tripadvisor (which is my go-to site for hotel research), and it was ranked #4 of all hotels in Whistler. This was a good find for us because it was also the most affordable of the hotels in Whistler... win-win for us.

Oh. my. relaxation. This was probably one of the best trips I've taken in my life, and it was only three days long. T and I Pricelined a hotel in Seattle for the night on Thursday (minus a little booking hiccup + some great friends who helped compensate that loss) and were able to break up the 7 hour drive a bit. We slept in, had coffee, overlooked Lake Union from the 35th floor of the Westin and enjoyed a non-rushed morning for a change. 

Then we headed up north, crossed the border, wound our way through {totally confusing} Vancouver, admired vibrant amber and ruby-colored trees, royal blue skies, crisp air and eventually made it to our destination: Whistler Creekside. 

Whistler is divided into two parts: Creekside and the Village. Whistler Village is where the heart of all shops, restaurants and hotels are, and Whistler Creekside is about a mile away and is the more quieter, reserved sister of the town. We were totally surprised by how much of an International melting pot Whistler was, with virtually all employees being from either Europe or Australia / New Zealand. {I think they all just hang around and work part-time jobs to wait for when the snow falls again...} At any rate, we totally felt like we were at home in Europe. 

Our hotel room came fully equipped with a kitchen, fireplace, dining room table, large king bed and washer / dryer, and we never really left except to grab take-out. We loved being there! We had amazing views and it was so relaxing to sleep in, walk across the street for coffee, read our books, swim, take naps, and order more take-out. 48 hours of pure bliss. 

I was expecting the food in Whistler to blow me out of the water, but honestly, the next time we go we're just going to stop at the Walmart in Squamish (about 30 miles away) and stock up to fill our pantries. The food in Whistler is incredibly expensive and really just didn't impress me that much to go out again. 

The places we ate were "good," (however, good is the enemy of great). If you're visiting Whistler and don't have a kitchen, I really think you'll like these places:

Pasta Lupino-- (fettuccine alfredo is sooooo good; plum tomato pasta wasn't so good). Honestly, I think the only reason why I wouldn't go out for food again in Whistler is just because our kitchen is so amazing and functional and we could save a lot of money that way. I just wasn't blown out of the water with Whistler food. 

Splitz Grill -- create your own burger joint. Again, I thought they were overpriced but the fries + custom burger we had were really good. Think 5 Guys x 10 (50 guys). The staff are super friendly and their service is really efficient (though I think they stole Baja Fresh's tagline of "We don't make fast food, we make food fast"... or something like that).

Crepe Montagne -- we didn't actually eat here because we slept in too late each day and just felt like throwing our sweats on and grabbing coffee, BUT, we heard really, really good reviews about this crepe place and will definitely be visiting it on our next trip up. It's located directly next door to Pasta Lupino and across the lane from Splitz Grill (all restaurants are located in Whistler Village).

If you visit Whistler, I highly recommend staying in Whistler Creekside because it's more private and quiet, but has just as much opportunities for amenities as the Village does, just with 1/2 as many people. (Plus, there are two huge ski lifts right in the back of First Tracks Lodge hotel! Can't beat that.) Whistler Creekside has a Starbucks, an organic grocery store, a Subway, two cafes, a BBQ restaurant and a pizza restaurant (along with a few other specialty shops and ski shops). 

I am SO looking forward to going back-- hopefully soon. We would love to get a group of friends together and head up over winter break! {hint hint}


Weekly re-cap

I keep wanting to sit down and write my review-filled blog about our amazing trip to Whistler. But then life happens. 

I wanted to write it in our cozy lodge... but then I decided my book sounded more appealing. 

I wanted to write it on the car ride home... but my battery died. 

I wanted to write it when I got home last night... but The Amazing Race was on TV.

I planned on hunkering down, pouring my love and passion into my blog and creating hyperlinks, attaching photos and making recommendations for when you visit Whistler (which I hope you will)... but then our mortgage lender called. 

Life. Keeps. Getting. In. The. Way. 


Therefore, this quick blog post is dedicated to our week last week. To bring you up to speed, to be a little transparent, and to let you know that we appreciate you. A whole lot. 

Some happenings in our life this past week:

*Bought a house we love and adore (thank you, God!)

*Had dinner with two people we admire so much, and received much love and encouragement from (right when we needed it, thank you God!)

*Took a much-needed vacation to relax and enjoy Creation (thanks again, God)

*Worked with some amazing people at our jobs (thanks God!)

*Taught some phenomenal students (thanks for that, too, God!)

*Were met with some unpleasant happenings (but God reminded us of HIS love-- so thanks for that, too!)

*Were reminded that we have each other, and that every good and perfect thing in our life is a gift from above (thanks God!)

Basically, we have had some amazing stuff happen this week, and some not-so-amazing stuff, and God has been at the center of it all. There were times last week we were on cloud nine, and times we were at rock bottom. But we are thankful for YOU who love us. Who support us. Who encourage us. Who lift us up. Who mean everything to us: friends and family. We tell you far too little, but we mean it. Thank you.

(Tomorrow comes the Whistler review! Get ready for it.)


The "What ifs?"

I am typically a gut-instinct type of girl, who errs on the side of caution. Can those two oxymonors co-exist together? I like to consider myself the type who makes deliberately planned out decisions and calculated risks. I err on the side of prudence and plan my path before I walk. I am always open to right turns and left turns if God wants me there, but I like to think that I at least have my bases lined up and safe from potential dangers. 

That being said, I probably can't live my life like this 100% of the time, right? I am constantly trying to say the right thing, do the right thing, think the right thing, and plan the right way in order for it to go well with me and my household. I would make the best insurance analyst. Just sayin. (But don't call me State Farm!)


Anyway, I'm not good at making big decisions. I feel like I need some advice here. I have made a couple of pretty big decisions in my life that ended up being the right ones, but I also feel like the Wall Street crash and struggling economy have caused me to live in fear of "bad decisions." I protect my job with the jaws of life, and deliberate over our investments with a magnifying glass because I don't want to be a victim of what happened in 2008 at any point in my life. 
We are totally excited about our new home, but I feel like there are always the "what ifs." The "what ifs" drive me absolutely batty. They are terrible and I have to never, ever, ever think about them or they rule me. I am the queen of preparing in advance for the what ifs, and it's probably just totally wrong. I hate the "what ifs." Insurance companies love me for that. 

Instead of planning ahead for all of the great things our home is going to provide us, I am being plagued by the "what ifs" syndrome. What if our house doesn't re-sell? What if we get a leak in the roof? What if the finished home isn't what we planned on it looking like? What if we get in over our heads? The "what ifs" stink big time, and they always get a hold on me. 

I would love to see how some of you handled big decisions blended with "what ifs." "What ifs"   can range from small things to huge things. How did you know you were making the right decision? Do gut instincts really work? Help me guys... I am a recovering over-analyzer who just needs a healthy dose of throwing caution to the wind. :) 


Oh my homeownership...

Wow. Totally wasn't expecting to become a homeowner when I left school on Friday. I was planning on doing a little lesson planning, maybe seeing a movie, maybe cleaning the house... it's crazy how things work sometimes! Thank you God!

So T and I have been looking to buy a home for a loooooooooong time. And by long time I mean since day one of our marriage. We're in our late twenties and have just been ready to emerge from the rental / apartment lifestyle and get settled into something more permanent and more investment-worthy. There have been pros to apartment life for sure (being able to pick up and move anywhere, for one), but there have definitely been some cons as well (living on top of / directly next to neighbors, for one). And don't get me started on parking... ;) 

But, in all things, we've been thankful. We had a place to call our own and a roof over our head. Let's just say, however, that we have been looking elsewhere for many months. 
In fact, I can't even tell you how many properties we have actually looked at over the course of this search... we've toured homes in Sherwood, Newberg, Beaverton, Tigard... written offers on two  (pulling one and never hearing back on the other...), formed good relationships with realtors and had to let a couple go as well... and have formed in our minds what is currently on the market, what we can realistically get in our price range, what things we want our home to have, and what we want the "feel" to be like when we drive down our street. We've been very picky to say the least. :)

So here we are, Saturday morning, running errands with our coffee and deciding to go look at a lot we had sent my dad to see. On our way, we passed by some new signs near our neighborhood offering "new 3 & 4 bedroom homes" within our price range. I know the area pretty well and hadn't heard of any type of development like that, because trust me, I would have been all over it. So T and I decided to find this complex just for fun and see what was being built. Well, turns out this is a brand new community that was just opened to the public for sale three weeks! We LOVED the neighborhood and its potential! The homes are all craftsman style and the neighborhood has tennis courts, two parks, a soccer field, picnic tables and a wildlife refuge & river floating nearby. It's simply beautiful and serene to say the least. 

We toured through some model homes and were very surprised that the homes were within our budget. In the time we were in the office talking with the agent, there were at least ten other touring families, four of which bought homes yesterday (including us). They were flying off the street like hot cakes. This community has already sold twenty homes in three weeks! 
Anyway, after a long talk with our agent and touring through the homes, we decided to put in our offer (beating out another girl wanting to write an offer on the same property by five minutes!). We were hopeful (and somewhat bewildered that we had just done that! But super excited) as we drove out of the complex. We found out this morning after church that the seller had accepted our offer, and that we would be able to move in on December 15th! First time homeowners and we get a brand new house in our budget in a beautiful area-- how cool is that! Our house has a front porch where we can put adirondack chairs or a swing, a side yard with a fully built and stained fence, and stainless steel appliances and maple hardwood floors and cabinets. :) We can finally have people over!!!!

Here is a picture of our new home. More to come as our journey to homeownership unfolds... :)


A little window...

in the spirit of transparency, included below is a list of 15 things you probably didn't know about me. My students connected with each other over their list of "things," earlier this school year,  so I thought I might give it a try and find out what I have in common with all of you. In any case, you've just gotten to know me a little bit better. 


1. I've played the piano since I was five. My mom was my piano teacher and had several recitals in our home with all of her other piano students. I somehow thought that I was the best since I was her daugher, and assumed that at every recital, since I was her daughter, I would receive an award for "most improved," or "most challenging piece," or "smoothest finger work," (she handed out awards each time).  Icouldn't quite understand how, just because I was the piano teacher's daughter, it didn't automatically mean that I won...

2. I drink coffee every morning. The bolder the better. My mornings revolve around my first cup of coffee and how strong it is, then the rest of my routine and planning can fall into place. If that means I have to stop by Starbucks because we just couldn't get it right at home, I might be inclined to do so... 

3. I had spinal rod infusion surgery when I was 16 to treat severe scoliosis. As a result, taken off my list of "must-dos" is skydiving, bungee jumping and hang gliding. I have two rods that line my spinal column and a nice scar down my back, but aside from that I hardly notice it. Very thankful to have gained the two extra inches in height that I did. ;) 

4. My FAVORITE dish to make at home for dinner is our own version of Chipotle's burrito bowls. We cook up some rice, black beans, grilled chicken, lime (when we have it), salsa, lettuce and cilantro (when we have it), cheese and crumbled chips on top. It's hearty, filled with protein, and the perfect thing on a cold evening. That and it takes all of about 20 minutes to prepare!

5. My favorite breakfast spot is Tasty n' Sons in Portland. They have these amazing breakfasts that come out in cast iron skillets, and the one I love the most is Potatoes Bravas. LOVE. 

6. Reading magazines is one of my guilty pleasures. Real Simple, Sunset, Better Homes & Garden, National Geographic... At our recent magazine sale at school, I signed up for 7 new subscriptions. Oops... 

7. The idea of a perfect evening for me is a book, a blanket, a glass of wine, my husband, homemade chicken noodle soup and pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  That's pretty much my night tonight, minus the book. 5 out of 6 isn't bad... :)

8. Photography is one of my favorite communication devices. Pictures say so many things, and a spontaneous, well-crafted shot is one of the most priceless things you can own. A picture that captures the essence of something else in  4 x 6 frame... love it. 

9. One of my most favorite splurges is going on staycations with my husband. Pricelining a hotel in Portland, packing an overnight bag, hiding out for dinner somewhere and sleeping in high thread-count sheets with breakfast in bed. A necessary luxury on occasion. ;)

10. I've never met or even seen anyone "famous." Literally. The most famous person I've seen has been a KATU news anchor that I served coffee to while working at Starbucks. :) Does that count? 

11. A tradition that my mom started in our family was to stay downtown one night during the holidays, go out to dinner, and go Christmas shopping all day long while drinking peppermint mochas. That is a tradition that T and I have definitely kept up and intend to do so for as long as we possibly can! 

12. I have to drink coffee out of mugs specific to their season. You will NOT catch me drinking from a Halloween mug during the month of February!!!

13. I own like 15 pairs of pajama bottoms with the same theme as fact #12...

14. I'm a mac girl through and through. No turning back. 

15. One of my most favorite movies of all time is Life is Beautiful. I somehow always hope that the ending has changed before I watch it, but I get absolutely lost in its hopefulness and commitment. 


First World Problems

So I don't entirely know how we found this video, but we totally love it. It's embarrassing and funny and true all at the same time. Make the best of it by watching it and then calling yourself out on your first world problems the next time you're tempted to complain that your nonfat latte was only 145 degrees warm today, instead of the normal 162. Or better yet, when the car in front of you cuts you off on your way to the Nordstrom half-yearly sale at Washington Squre... 



I've been teaching my students this week about the Sumerians and their many different inventions and advancements. One notable development they contributed to was the base-60 mathematical system, which is where our seconds, minutes and calendar days came from.

So they're who I have to blame...

I don't know if you can relate or not, but a vacation for me is when time is not involved. If you think about it, time really dominates and controls our lives on a second to minute basis. We live our lives by the clock and the essence of time seems to cause us a lot of stress. 

Literally every day of the week I was running late for something, and the ironic thing is that I left early each day to avoid being late.  Lateness is a ginormous pet peeve of mine. 

Some notable late moments for me this week:

1. Running late to make it to an appointment on time because the construction on River Rd. shut down one late

2. Arriving late to a get together with a friend because a phone call came in that I needed to take and couldn't get away from (it was a good conversation, but made me late nonetheless)

3. Trying to get all of my grading done on time so I could leave by 4:30 and make it to my bank before they closed to deposit a check. I arrived at the bank at 5:57, but alas, their doors were already locked. 

4. Arriving 45 minutes late to a group dinner because of an accident on the freeway which shut down all lanes. 

And in none of those examples was I calm or relaxed or just enjoying the ride, taking the day as it came. No, I was frustrated. Stressed out. Hugging the speed limit. Agitated. Irritated. Inconvenienced. Having a quickened pulse and heart rate. My thoughts were consumed by my late-ness and nothing else... trying to beat the clock in match after match after match. I lost ALL week!

This is not a gripe-fest about my frustration with time, but as I reflected on my days this week, I  really tried to process why time controls us SO MUCH. It's rude to be late to an occasion, but awkward to be early. Being right on time is ideal, but it's somewhat of a gamble unless the cards fall exactly how you want them to. It is permissible to be a few minutes late in some situations; in others it can get you in major trouble. We're frustrated when traffic is slowing us down from being home because we're supposed to be back by a certain time.

All because of time. If a plane leaves late, we get irritated "because the flight was supposed to be in by so-and-so!" If someone is late for dinner we're frustrated because we tried to "time" everything coming out together. Everyone's happy when things begin and end "on time."  In fact, it's a social faux-pas and we're irritated if they don't.

I know time helps us stay organized and interact with each other how we should. It  has the potential to create harmony, but it can also create pure chaos and madness. In the classroom, my students are definitely aware exactly what time it is, and how much time is left until they move to their next class. To the minute. 

I'm just saying. I was a lot more relaxed this week when I didn't have to look at a clock. :)
thanks Sumerians?

:) First world problems, I guess. 
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