Boxing Match.

I am about to go and be surrounded by nine amazing, dear, close friends which is the perfect antidote to this stress. 

Our lives have felt like we're in a rollercoaster-slash-boxing match-slash-yo-yo. I thought the path to homeownership was a simple one?

At any rate, we have a few prayer requests that are currently threatening our anxiety level and we are just trying to trust God to handle the logistics. UPS loves logistics; I do not. 

1. That Prudential would get their act together and send us what we need in a timely manner. They have been a ginormous headache throughout this whole process because their communication time frames are prehistoric. Timothy is going to be an hour late for our dinner tonight because they were supposed to fax something at 4:00pm. Never did. He waited for an hour. He called back. It never showed up, so he had to leave. Wasted time. So: Prudential-- throw us a bone here and send us what we need by Monday.

2. That we would be able to pro-rate the amount of money due in December to our apartment landlord and can move out on the 17th as planned. They are asking for a whole chunk of unnecessary change to move out, and their graciousness and favor would save us a lot of money (and headache).

3. That our loan request would get approved! Everything right now is hinging on that. Our offer was submitted and approved long ago for the house, but the loan procedure has taken nearly two weeks now and it's causing us a lot of stress and anxiety. I know we need to be confident and relaxed, but we are working really hard on our end to make everything happen and getting excited, but trying not to count our chickens before they hatch.

If all of these things happened next week, one after the other, we would be some blessed people. Logistics are just reallllllllllllllllllllllllly discouraging sometimes, and your prayers for this process of ours would be SO genuinely appreciated.

(Oh. And that I would find my glasses. I have been vision impaired this entire week, and they are nowhere to be found. Even the little things matter, ya know?)   :)


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