T and I went and saw the movie "Courageous" tonight. I am still floored and stunned and speechless from it... and we've been home for an hour now. I literally couldn't talk without getting choked up for the first fifteen minutes after we left the theatre. It was the first movie in ten years that my husband cried in. Like, cried enough that when we were leaving the theatre, we both couldn't even talk to each other because we were still crying. We were still moved and challenged. 

Praise God for filmmakers with such determination and focus to produce movies about marriage and family, invest in them, and release them to the mainstream public. The theatre was filled when we went, and Courageous has been in the box office for over three weeks now. Christian media gets a bad wrap sometimes for being too hokey and cheesy, but I tell you: If you've been through something challenging and God delivered and provided for you, or if you've had a difficult time in your marriage, or experienced situations where your fathers let you down (or you feel the determination that you want to be a great father/parent to your children), "Facing the Giants," "Courageous," and "Fireproof" are movies that will encourage you in some way. 

It's so refreshing to see truth on the big screen. To see people hearing the message that their dads might have let them down or abandoned them, or they might need the strength to walk with integrity and make choices honoring to God in a movie theatre is awesome. 

For those of you who don't know what the movie "Courageous" is all about, it's from the makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants (both great movies!), and focuses on the responsibility that fathers have in the lives of their children. It encourages fathers to be courageous, to be leaders, to be active in their faith to support and lead their families, and to not just be passive or selfish or neglectful because of busy-ness or stress. Their families need them. 

It follows a team of police officers who deal mostly with individuals on the warrant lists, many of which come from fatherless homes. Their sheriff begins researching the trends of fatherless homes, or abusive / neglectful fathers and the impact it has on children, and discovers that kids are twenty times more likely to end up in jail if they have a disconnected, abusive or neglectful father in their life. It talks about the fact that children NEED their fathers, and need fathers who will speak beauty and truth and life into them so that they can grow up assured of who they are. 

It also gives encouragement to those who do not have supportive, loving or strong fathers, or who have grown up fatherless, that they have a Heavenly Father who is far greater than any earthly father, who created us, loves us, provides for us and protects us, and that every good thing is from Him. He gives us the strength to be courageous. 

There were many tears, times of laughter, times of suspense and action, but all in all it was phenomenal filmmaking that I am absolutely going to see multiple times. The impact it could have on the fathers of our society as a whole is mind-blowing. If I had enough money to buy every person in the world a ticket, I would. So I'm just starting with my own family. :)

PLEASE see this movie if you have the time, and tell me what you thought of it. You won't be disappointed.  



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