Oh my homeownership...

Wow. Totally wasn't expecting to become a homeowner when I left school on Friday. I was planning on doing a little lesson planning, maybe seeing a movie, maybe cleaning the house... it's crazy how things work sometimes! Thank you God!

So T and I have been looking to buy a home for a loooooooooong time. And by long time I mean since day one of our marriage. We're in our late twenties and have just been ready to emerge from the rental / apartment lifestyle and get settled into something more permanent and more investment-worthy. There have been pros to apartment life for sure (being able to pick up and move anywhere, for one), but there have definitely been some cons as well (living on top of / directly next to neighbors, for one). And don't get me started on parking... ;) 

But, in all things, we've been thankful. We had a place to call our own and a roof over our head. Let's just say, however, that we have been looking elsewhere for many months. 
In fact, I can't even tell you how many properties we have actually looked at over the course of this search... we've toured homes in Sherwood, Newberg, Beaverton, Tigard... written offers on two  (pulling one and never hearing back on the other...), formed good relationships with realtors and had to let a couple go as well... and have formed in our minds what is currently on the market, what we can realistically get in our price range, what things we want our home to have, and what we want the "feel" to be like when we drive down our street. We've been very picky to say the least. :)

So here we are, Saturday morning, running errands with our coffee and deciding to go look at a lot we had sent my dad to see. On our way, we passed by some new signs near our neighborhood offering "new 3 & 4 bedroom homes" within our price range. I know the area pretty well and hadn't heard of any type of development like that, because trust me, I would have been all over it. So T and I decided to find this complex just for fun and see what was being built. Well, turns out this is a brand new community that was just opened to the public for sale three weeks! We LOVED the neighborhood and its potential! The homes are all craftsman style and the neighborhood has tennis courts, two parks, a soccer field, picnic tables and a wildlife refuge & river floating nearby. It's simply beautiful and serene to say the least. 

We toured through some model homes and were very surprised that the homes were within our budget. In the time we were in the office talking with the agent, there were at least ten other touring families, four of which bought homes yesterday (including us). They were flying off the street like hot cakes. This community has already sold twenty homes in three weeks! 
Anyway, after a long talk with our agent and touring through the homes, we decided to put in our offer (beating out another girl wanting to write an offer on the same property by five minutes!). We were hopeful (and somewhat bewildered that we had just done that! But super excited) as we drove out of the complex. We found out this morning after church that the seller had accepted our offer, and that we would be able to move in on December 15th! First time homeowners and we get a brand new house in our budget in a beautiful area-- how cool is that! Our house has a front porch where we can put adirondack chairs or a swing, a side yard with a fully built and stained fence, and stainless steel appliances and maple hardwood floors and cabinets. :) We can finally have people over!!!!

Here is a picture of our new home. More to come as our journey to homeownership unfolds... :)



  1. Congratulations to you both!

    I didn't know you were a fellow blogger. Feel free to check mine out sometime.


    God bless you both and your new home!


  2. Congratulations on buying your new home! :)

  3. You went to school and came back a homeowner. Wow! How strange, yet wonderful is that? Haha! And what makes it even betters is that you found a house that is beautiful and suits you needs and budget. That’s truly a very lucky day for you. Perhaps that’s the reason you can’t seem to find the perfect house in your past house huntings. Congrats on finally finding “the one”!

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes


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