Persistent faith


Our faith is seriously in the process of being tested. We have literally been on a ginormous emotional roller coaster with our home, which comes in part from our apparent naivety in what the home-buying purchase should look like. We: looked at the bottom line, what our mortgage payments would be, could we afford it on one income (yes), what our down payment was, and what the appraised value of our home vs. the price we were paying was. We felt (and still do) confident about the particular *home*, our dream home, and what it represented for us. We thoroughly researched every nuance related to the home: what the comparable houses in the neighborhood were being paid, how many people bought homes in the neighborhood, etc. We researched mortgage rates, mortgage programs, warranties, etc. We felt SO confident about our purchase, that "us" wasn't something we thought would be a problem. 

Apparently it is. 

We've gone from watching HGTV home shows every day, planning our paint and interior design schemes and envisioning family gatherings in our living room to praying each morning, each afternoon and each evening that this home would become ours. Weird scenarios have happened to us in this process, from the banks reducing their threshold (overnight) from a 45% monthly payment vs. monthly wages down to a 41%, which knocked us out of the running, to being required to put down 10% when we only have 9% (where are we supposed to get those extra $$$$? They might as well be millions). Something that should be so EASY considering all factors on our end support a home purchase on even just *1* income, but the stringency post-recession may very well be prohibiting us from owning this home. 

I had to just cry before God today asking what we were supposed to do: Should I take these all as signs that we're not supposed to have this home and know that there is a reason for all of it? Or is He just testing our faith to trust him that He'll work something out for good and that we will get our home in the end? Every single day something happens to delay our loan processing-- needing another document, recording numbers wrong, needing to increase down payment, etc., and now we're a week and a half past where we should have been and a week and a half away from finding out of we qualify for a different loan opportunity.

Timothy and I still feel like this home is really the right one for us and we have to fight for us. We are praying for wisdom and asking God to make it clear to us if we're not supposed to own that home. But for now, we're fighting for it and doing the best that we can to remain steadfast and patient. It's just SO difficult because we really want to be connected to our home and start planning, preparing, shopping for curtains and appliances... and we have to wait. 

We would really appreciate your prayers that this new loan opportunity would work out: It's a very niche and specific loan that we actually qualify for-- a first time homebuyer, new construction, rural property loan. Our particular neighborhood actually happens to qualify for rural because it's in farm area of Washington County, and our home is new construction and we're first time home buyers. This loan approval would be a HUGE blessing, because it would actually make our payments lower than a traditional loan... it just requires a 2% up front fee which we don't have, but could trust that God would provide somehow if it's meant to be. 

Thanks for joining us on this prayer journey. It's been incredibly emotional and we are just so ready to be in our home, settled, and hosting all of you at our housewarming party. :)


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