In the sake of being transparent, I am just going to let you know that I would love some prayers over our life these next couple of weeks. 

I have been waking up every morning will balled-up fists and a headache, wearily wondering what the day is going to bring. From kids trying to pick fights to family members walking out; from hopes deferred to lacking sleep, I'm just feeling incredibly weary and in need of refreshment. 

I've stopped listening to music in the morning so that I can focus and rest and pray during my commute. I'm just asking that God to give me a peace beyond anything I can imagine right now. I am not always a strong person-- I need encouragement just like everyone else.

I'm kind of feeling like a quarterback right now, running with the ball, goal in sight, but people and circumstances trying to jump on top of me, run into me, and throw me to the ground. I'm just tired. 

Two specific things you could be praying for: One, that our loan would get approved this week so that we can fully connect with our home. After our offer was accepted, we were totally excited but this loan process has been taking a very long time and we are trying not to be discouraged or lose hope. Timothy says it's a win-win, because if we're approved, we get the house, but if we're not, it means it wasn't meant to be and that God has something better. It's hard to have long-range faith, but I need to remember that. We're specifically asking for this house as the situation is so perfect for us, but we are still waiting on that final "yes," which seems like it's taking decades to receive. 

...and two, that God would just totally give me peace and allow me to be rested and refreshed in the mornings. The stress of this home purchase and the details involved, as well as many other factors have been affecting me a lot and I just want to be more patient and confident. 

--In other news, three of the four prayer requests from my previous blog have already been answered and for that I am grateful! (Especially for being able to find my glasses...) :)


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  1. For times like these I always liked Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalms 34:18. May God be near you both during this tough time.

    God bless.



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