I've been teaching my students this week about the Sumerians and their many different inventions and advancements. One notable development they contributed to was the base-60 mathematical system, which is where our seconds, minutes and calendar days came from.

So they're who I have to blame...

I don't know if you can relate or not, but a vacation for me is when time is not involved. If you think about it, time really dominates and controls our lives on a second to minute basis. We live our lives by the clock and the essence of time seems to cause us a lot of stress. 

Literally every day of the week I was running late for something, and the ironic thing is that I left early each day to avoid being late.  Lateness is a ginormous pet peeve of mine. 

Some notable late moments for me this week:

1. Running late to make it to an appointment on time because the construction on River Rd. shut down one late

2. Arriving late to a get together with a friend because a phone call came in that I needed to take and couldn't get away from (it was a good conversation, but made me late nonetheless)

3. Trying to get all of my grading done on time so I could leave by 4:30 and make it to my bank before they closed to deposit a check. I arrived at the bank at 5:57, but alas, their doors were already locked. 

4. Arriving 45 minutes late to a group dinner because of an accident on the freeway which shut down all lanes. 

And in none of those examples was I calm or relaxed or just enjoying the ride, taking the day as it came. No, I was frustrated. Stressed out. Hugging the speed limit. Agitated. Irritated. Inconvenienced. Having a quickened pulse and heart rate. My thoughts were consumed by my late-ness and nothing else... trying to beat the clock in match after match after match. I lost ALL week!

This is not a gripe-fest about my frustration with time, but as I reflected on my days this week, I  really tried to process why time controls us SO MUCH. It's rude to be late to an occasion, but awkward to be early. Being right on time is ideal, but it's somewhat of a gamble unless the cards fall exactly how you want them to. It is permissible to be a few minutes late in some situations; in others it can get you in major trouble. We're frustrated when traffic is slowing us down from being home because we're supposed to be back by a certain time.

All because of time. If a plane leaves late, we get irritated "because the flight was supposed to be in by so-and-so!" If someone is late for dinner we're frustrated because we tried to "time" everything coming out together. Everyone's happy when things begin and end "on time."  In fact, it's a social faux-pas and we're irritated if they don't.

I know time helps us stay organized and interact with each other how we should. It  has the potential to create harmony, but it can also create pure chaos and madness. In the classroom, my students are definitely aware exactly what time it is, and how much time is left until they move to their next class. To the minute. 

I'm just saying. I was a lot more relaxed this week when I didn't have to look at a clock. :)
thanks Sumerians?

:) First world problems, I guess. 

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