Weekly re-cap

I keep wanting to sit down and write my review-filled blog about our amazing trip to Whistler. But then life happens. 

I wanted to write it in our cozy lodge... but then I decided my book sounded more appealing. 

I wanted to write it on the car ride home... but my battery died. 

I wanted to write it when I got home last night... but The Amazing Race was on TV.

I planned on hunkering down, pouring my love and passion into my blog and creating hyperlinks, attaching photos and making recommendations for when you visit Whistler (which I hope you will)... but then our mortgage lender called. 

Life. Keeps. Getting. In. The. Way. 


Therefore, this quick blog post is dedicated to our week last week. To bring you up to speed, to be a little transparent, and to let you know that we appreciate you. A whole lot. 

Some happenings in our life this past week:

*Bought a house we love and adore (thank you, God!)

*Had dinner with two people we admire so much, and received much love and encouragement from (right when we needed it, thank you God!)

*Took a much-needed vacation to relax and enjoy Creation (thanks again, God)

*Worked with some amazing people at our jobs (thanks God!)

*Taught some phenomenal students (thanks for that, too, God!)

*Were met with some unpleasant happenings (but God reminded us of HIS love-- so thanks for that, too!)

*Were reminded that we have each other, and that every good and perfect thing in our life is a gift from above (thanks God!)

Basically, we have had some amazing stuff happen this week, and some not-so-amazing stuff, and God has been at the center of it all. There were times last week we were on cloud nine, and times we were at rock bottom. But we are thankful for YOU who love us. Who support us. Who encourage us. Who lift us up. Who mean everything to us: friends and family. We tell you far too little, but we mean it. Thank you.

(Tomorrow comes the Whistler review! Get ready for it.)


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