National Novel Writer's Month. 

Apparently in the writing world, NaNoWriMo is a pretty big deal and I am just now jumping on the bandwagon per the encouragement of a fellow teacher. 

From November 1 - November 30th, writers have to create a minimum-50,000 word short story / novel and once it is submitted, a complete manuscript will be compiled and mailed (winners are also selected as well). 

We all dared each other to do it, and so far I'm loving it. But that's how all "day 1s" are, right?

We're supposed to log our word count totals on our personalized websites each night, and in order to finish on time, we need to write approximately 1,500 - 1,700 a day (roughly 3 - 4 pages). I have never written that much in my life! But, I (unfortunately) challenged my students to the task and to participate in their own NaNoWriMo novel through their youth writing program.

So: my students and I are embarking on a month-long after school through NaNoWriMo, creating our own stories and trying to beat the deadlines infringed upon us by this crazy competition. The first person to beat me gets a $5 gift card to Jamba Juice! (This just puts the pressure on me to finish first!)

My novel is a fictional narrative that is somewhat close to my own personal experiences in life about a girl who grows up through tragedy, like a seed planted on rocky soil. However, I will not spoil the ending for you and instead let you read it when it's finished! My fingers will be sore from typing this novel *and* my blog in the evenings. Let's just say I'm already looking forward to December...


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