Slow to speak (for once)

I had an instance today where something happened that really bothered me and hurt my feelings. I felt the need to respond to it, so I drafted an email as a response because I didn't think I'd have time to deal with it face to face. I then got a pit in my stomach that maybe email wasn't the best way to handle it."But it needs to be said," I thought.

So I waited. I minimized the window, but still had full intention of sending it. "Maybe I just need to take a few minutes," I decided.

I walked around, did a couple of errands, and returned to the email. It had the receiver's email address typed in and everything, ready to go. 

I still didn't get a good feeling about sending it, though I felt totally justified. So, I eventually erased it and decided to just talk to them, person to person.

I am SO glad I did. Had I gone with my rash, emotional response, a whole gamut of miscommunication and misinterpretation would probably have ensued. Instead, grace could be shown and sides could be heard with full expression and nonverbal reading. 

I realized that email and Internet can be such a cowardly escape from dealing with personal conflicts, and I am so glad a relationship wasn't damaged because of my own ill-wording and expressionless text. I feel like responding to problems over email or Internet pretty much always makes the problem worse. We were able to resolve the issue quickly, understandingly, and with more honesty than words an an email would have conveyed. 

I'm thankful I went with that gut instinct-also-known-as-wisdom. I'd encourage you to resolve any and all problems face-to-face whenever you possibly can. It's like 158293 times better than email and letters that could (probably would) be misunderstood. Bring the human back to human resolution.

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