Patience (and Pinterest)

I found this today on Pinterest and it was total conviction with regards to my stress and anxiety during this homebuying process. Love this quote.

Speaking of Pinterest... do you waste time (I mean ahem, "browse for inspiration") on Pinterest as much as I do?

I wouldn't say it's become an addiction, per se... however, I find Pinterest-surfing becoming a part of my nightly computer-time routine. I totally love it for it's practicality and semblance to the ripping-out-of-magazines I used to do (what did I do again with that "ideas" binder? Seemed like a good idea at the time...); however, I have yet to actually scour through my boards and put any of the ideas to good use. 

Until this winter break, of course. 

T and I found out the offer we submitted on our home had been accepted during the first week in October. A week later, we had a lazy extended weekend in Whistler planned where we filled our time doing nothing but watching Canadian design shows and HGTV, along with discovering for the first time the world of "Pinterest."

Pinterest is everything magazine-page-ripping should be, but at the ease of our fingertips. All pages are in one place, easy to find, easy to click on, easy to print / forward / share / "like" / email... well, you get the picture. In this digital need-it-now-and-in-front-of-me-asap age, Pinterest takes the beauty of magazine page ideas and has them accessible like, now. 

Plus, all of my super-stylish and trendy friends that are likeminded with me with design ideas post great ideas and cute clothes to their boards, which I can likewise share with you all as well. It's a great borrow and share and like and post free-for-all. 

Travel, beauty, recipes, quotes, photography ideas, design ideas... the works. 

Plus, you can get a pinterest link embedded in your browser, so the next time you're on and see a great article for DIY guest room design ideas, you can post to your own boards so friends can borrow and share and post to their boards. 

My husband actually loves Pinterest and even told me this afternoon... I'm going to run to the store. Why don't you get some paint color ideas on Pinterest while I'm gone?

You don't have to tell me twice... ;)

PS- Here is a link to my boards if you'd like to check out Pinterest for yourself or see some of the things my friends and I have been "pinning!" 


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