I need to cook well, people.

There's nothing like post-holiday depression in the form of too-tight-favorite-weekend-leggings. Sigh. 

My excuse for not cooking well was because we had no counter space. No room for appliances. No room for cutting. Therefore, standard crockpot or one-skillet dinners became the norm. There's not much in the way of healthiness with weekly burrito bowls, skillet lasagna, Wednesday pizza and weekend happy hours.

So here's where I'm at you guys. We have a spacious kitchen, all of the appliances we need to cook and eat well, and what's holding me up? 

I'm not very good at cooking. :(

People I try and cook for have been kind to me in the past as they politely gulped down or wrestled with over-cooked meat or bland pasta. 

I have received wonderful cookbooks and follow amazing cooking blogs, but I'm terrified to actually try because I really have no clue what I'm doing. How do I know when the meat is ready? How do I know when the vegetables are done?
I need to start small, people. And I need all the help I can get. 

What do you say? Can you help a girl out?

Send me your favorite (easy!) healthy recipes that don't include onions or sour cream. I have pretty much every cooking appliance... just need to learn to use them!


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