Project 12

One of my favorite editing companies that I use with Photoshop is MCP Actions. Jodi Friedman, the owner, has a yearly photo project for both hobbyist and professional photographers alike to break out of the rut of portrait photos and dabble into more unique creativity. She gives us a monthly "theme" and we go to town with it. 

This month's theme is: resolutions. 

If you remember from my previous blog entry this month, one of my resolutions is to cook more since I have a beautiful new kitchen and equipment that has (ahem) rarely been used since our wedding...

My resolution was to cook more, to have more people over, and to take more pictures. This picture represents check, check and check. We have had so many of our dear friends over for parties and dinners, and tonight had my sister and her kids over for Slow-Cooker Southwestern Stacks, courtesy of my favorite recipe website, Mel's Kitchen Cafe.

We feel so blessed to have a cozy house that we love, an abundance of friends and family and a New Seasons just around the corner. Excited to see what February brings!


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