Sloooooooooow January

and I'm okay with that. 

I think I'm still recovering from the chaos of what was our October - December season...

I keep thinking, "I need to update my blog. I need to blog about this. Oh I am totally going to post this amazing recipe." 

annnnd then I don't. :)

I've succumb to couch-sitting, piano-playing, photography-editing, kitchen-cooking, Pinterest-pinning, book-reading and HGTV-watching in the quietness of our home on the weekends. My weekdays are rushed and focused, and my evenings are diligent and dedicated to my home and my husband. After what we went through for the past several months, a quiet reprieve is just what we need. These days, we are often retreating to our home instead of going out for dates and happy hour, because let's face it: we just love our house. :)

Weekends represent the week ending for me, and I love to relish in what they offer (mainly Saturdays). Sundays are a time of reflection and our church family, and sometimes they include naps. I'm not stepping away from the blog in any way, but the regularity of posts seems to be taking a winter hibernation. 

A few changes on the horizon for us:

*I've vamped up my offerings as a photographer including mucho upgrades to my equipment list. This is translating to a bit of a rise in pricing, but is offset by the 150% better quality of photos and attention clients will receive, as well as the new offering of a second shooter at all events. I'm excited about what this year holds in terms of opportunities and adventures in photography! My website has also been re-designed... check it out if you haven't already!

*Travel season oh-twelve is off and running. We are going to give cruising the Mexican Riviera one last go from our bad experience last year (because let's face it, you just can't beat the price and these chilly, damp Oregonians are ready for some hot March sunshine). We're crusin on the Disney Cruise Line, and as a lover-of-all-things-Disney, I'm feeling like I won't really care that spring break on a Disney Cruise kid-wise is probably equivalent to the madness that spring break in Cabo will be.

*This summer will be spent tackling a lot of house projects, exploring local venues, doing some freelance writing, shooting weddings and taking a quick jaunt to visit fam in the Carolinas and explore the east coast. It's going to be a lot slower of a summer than last, and I'm okay with that. :)

*School is going fabulously for both of us. There is mucky water in the paper these days regarding education, but we just keep our heads high and focus on all of the good things that are taking place. Don't believe everything you read. ;)


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