Travel Season twentytweleve

Before you judge me all over the place and think in your head, "didn't they just buy a house?
" aren't they just teachers?" (yes and yes), something that's really important to T and I is traveling. We will always be travelers, we'll figure out ways to travel whenever we can, we'll take our kids traveling when we can (even if it's just camping)-- getting away is in our blood. We can't help it. We have a very specific travel fund set up for such endeavors and we're always planning our next trip! Saving $$$ is also important which is why we live off Priceline deals, last-minute travel specials, Entertainment book & Costco savings and frequent flier/hotel-ing points. 

With that said, we need help. 

We have a budget. We have a week off. We have no idea where to go. 

Help us plan our next adventure! 

We've tossed some ideas around on where to go on a budget, which kind of takes flying out of the picture. I want warm and relaxing, T wants adventure. 

Where can we go that is a beautiful combination of all three that we can (preferably) drive to? 

(PS- sadly, Disneyland is out of the picture and so is anything north of Portland)


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