Quotes of the week from B & L

Naturally I'm biased in that I think I have the cutest 3 and 5 year old niece and nephew, but you have to admit... they are pretty adorable.


-At church this morning-

Me: "Lacie, you are just too cute!"
Lacie: "Aunt Megan, you are just too cold!

-Driving home today-

Me: Beau, you are just the coolest five year old I know!
Beau: Well God and Jesus are both in our family and they are even cooler than me...

-Beau explaining his prayer predicament in the car-

Beau: "So I was praying to God, asking him to give me food in the car right when I asked for it and He didn't. I wanted a cupcake in my car seat but it didn't come. We just had to go to the store and buy them instead. That means that God didn't answer my prayer."

Me: "Beau, sometimes God answers our prayers in different ways than we might expect, like giving mommy money so that she could go and buy a special treat for you instead of it just appearing in thin air."
Beau: "So you mean people sometimes change their minds and ask God for help buying stuff instead of just asking him to give it to them?" 

Me: "Kind of, I guess? God wants to give us good things, but we have to trust Him that he'll answer our prayers somehow,  it just won't always be in the way we want Him to." 

Beau: "This is a long and complicated conversation. I'm getting a headache."
-Trying on a new dress from Nordstrom- 

Lacie gasps: "Aunt Megan! Now you look pretty like me! 

-Washing hands before dinner-

Lacie: "Could you help me wash my hands so I can smell good like a princess?"


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