Semester one. check.

It's Feburary 2nd, people. 

As a teacher, this is a ridiculous notion because I can remember just yesterday when I started setting up my classroom, wondering who my students were going to be, what trials and successes we would experience, what life as an Evergreen Eagle would be like, and how I would juggle between three different preps, four different classes, after school clubs, buying a house, photography, conferences + professional development courses, and a million other things that come with transition and change. 

I remember about this time last year that my horizon was very ambiguous. I knew that God was going to provide a job and sustainability for us, but I had no clue what that would look like. I only know now that He had to literally pick me up out of Conestoga and transplant me into Evergreen for it all to make sense why my position had to be cut and why I had to experience the disappointment that comes with job loss. Praise Him for his blessings even when I don't deserve it, and for His faithfulness even when I can't see the road in front of me! 

Today I spent the day entering grades and silently clapping and cheering each time I entered an "A" for some students up from last quarter's "C," or entered a "B" from last quarter's "F." I tell you-- we've been hard at work in room fifteen this year. There's been some pushback, some resentment, and a lot of patience, sacrifice and TLC. These kids are phenomenal and smart and diligent, but a lot of them haven't heard that before or often enough. But it was worth it! We all high-fived after this semester because they made it. For many, their 3s in writing became 4s; for others, instead of reading 110 words per minute they read 130; For many more, instead of writing three sentences in a writing response they were able to write half a page. For some, it's small steps forward and others it was leaps. That's how we do it. We celebrate each and every one of them.

After grading I rolled up my sleeves and deep-cleaned the germies out of my room that creep under desks and on the grimy books that kids borrow and check out. When we say classrooms are like petrie dishes, we aren't lyin... but it sure felt good to de-gunkify my room!

I don't know about you, but de-cluttering, recycling and throwing things away is so incredibly liberating for me. I am a big saver-- wondering "am I going to need this someday?" Which then translates to piles and piles of unorganized junk that I'm going to get to "when I have time." (Which means never). So today I went through ALL my papers, and kept about 1/8th of them. (What was I thinking saving October's Scholastic book order catalog for so long?!?!?). 

It. Was. Lovely. 

Tomorrow equals all day lesson planning for me, figuring out how we're going to end this year better than where we're at now; to get ready for OAKS testing, Battle of the Books, "Playing Words While Hanging Out With Friends" club, and many other fun activities on the horizon for us Eagles. 

Bring it on. :)


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