Goodbye snow, hello sun!

 Love travel season 2k12 is about to begin!

(And seriously? Snow? Couldn't ask for a better sun send-off than ditching this cold weather and packing bathing suits and shorts!)

T and I got an awesome deal through Costco for a 1/2 price Disney Cruise to Mexico (complete with a $265 Costco cash card, thankyouverymuch), and we are totally excited to be heading back to the land of sun and salsa. After our lackluster trip with Holland America last year, I seriously doubted we would be cruising again anytime in the near future, but Disney just does it best. 

We're driving down the I-5 to Anaheim tomorrow, then going to Disneyland + California Adventure in one day (park hopping, favorite ride hopping, going at lightning speeds that day!). Spring break in California probably isn't the best combo... but... it's Disney. Things just don't seem so bad when it's Disney. :)

We are pretty pathetic (okay who are we kidding, it was really my fault) because we have FOUR suitcases for this trip: one for shoes + toiletries, one for my clothes, one for T's clothes, and one for carry-on items (wine, snacks, gifts for fellow cruisers in what's called a "fish exchange party," our pirate gear for Pirates of the Carribbean Night and books). We are going to look pretty ridiculous when it's time to board... I am seriously laughing at myself with how many clothes I have packed for this trip. However, I'm also remembering how last year I changed my outfits probably three different times each day. One breakfast outfit, one pool-lounging, deck schlepping outfit and one evening dinner outfit (not to mention the various outfits for port days). I was glad I had so much!

I also stepped on the scale today to discover that I am not exactly in the best of shape to be getting ready to go on a cruise where one of the primary festivities is... eating. Yikes. I'm not entirely sure that I want to pack my running shoes either, but most likely T and I will be finding ourselves running around the deck in the mornings and hopping on bikes for some spin action. {Sigh}. I should have noticed such problems when my pants became tighter!

They also have door magnet decorating contests on the ship, so I picked up some Oregon magnets from the Made in Oregon store, made one last-minute trip to Nordys to see what cruise-wear I could pick up (walked away with a cute purple pocket skirt and a striped pink hoody), and have officially diagnosed myself with having spring break-itis. Pedicure? Check. Eyebrows waxed? Check. T.Love's  haircut? Check. Let's get this show on the road!! 

(I confess that I am going to be a full-on kid on this cruise. No apologies for that.)


I am also fully engrossed in planning our July Disneyworld trip. I can't believe we are so lucky to be going to Disneyland, going on a Disney cruise, AND going to WDW within a four month time period. That's quite embarrassing, really.
For those of you Disney lovers out there such as myself, T and I just bought points on the re-sale market (think used cars and re-sale houses) to join the Disney Vacation Club. We saved over 60% of what Disney charges for their points just by buying them from someone who has already used them. Disney has a timeshare program and it is fantastic. This means that we can take a 2 week vacation each year now to Disneyworld, Disneyland, Hilton Head Island, Vero Beach, FL, or Oahu every year until the year 2054! We also can use points to stay at Intrawest and RCI properties all around the world as well. Since we travel so much, and especially to Disney, we felt that it was only fitting that we save even more money by joining the Disney Vacation Club, but also doing it through the resale market instead of retail through Disney's salespeople. Kind of like buying a new car, or  waiting a year for the price to drop a couple thousand and buying used. 

We like to save money wherever we can. :)


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