Brunch + Pure Laziness

Ohhhhh I am still drooling over our Palo brunch. I don't want to jump ahead of the story but I'm pretty sure that was the most amazing meal I've ever had in my life. (and I'm not speaking in hyperbole... for once.)

So Tuesday morning (cruise day three) was simply fabulous. We woke up around 8am with sunlight pouring through our balcony, walked out on our verandah and were met with warm, humid air. I missed the sun SO much and loved the feeling of heat and salt water on my skin. I was also really excited because we had our first "adults only" breakfast up at Palo scheduled for 10:00am.

Before brunch, we decided to get our blood pumping and go for a run out on the main deck which is an awesome experience that I highly recommend while at sea. With the ship moving, the wind blowing, the sun shining, exercise out there just feels sooooo good. Anyway, I digress.

So after our run, we got ready and dressed up for our brunch. Palo is the adults-only restaurant on the top deck of the ship, and it's a really beautiful restaurant that Disney pulled out all of the stops for. Since Disney is essentially synonymous with kids, they wanted to create a space for people only 18 to have some rest and reprieve away from all of the kids. Palo is one of those places and a must-do for any adults sailing with Disney.

Soooo.... onto Palo.

We were immediately greeted by our server who seemed incredibly excited to host us. Obviously she had served hundreds of people, but she made us feel like we were her very first guests ever. She was excited about everything, from our drinks to the view to taking us on a tour of the restaurant. Her name was Mariana, and if ever you happen to sail on the Wonder in the near future or for any reason, you should absolutely request her! She has worked on the ship for eight years. She took us around to all of the food stations, introduced all of the various items to us, and told us to "relax for the next two hours, because we were in the best place on board."

Just a sampling of our food from brunch:

Timothy's caviar...

After brunch, we rolled ourselves out of Palo and took a long and necessary nap. Necessary because, well, we never get to nap and even though it was highly indulgent and lazy, it was absolutely fabulous.

After our nap we decided to pour some glasses of wine, order room service and read books on our patio for another two hours or so. It was the most deliciously lazy and ridiculous day... and probably my favorite one of the cruise. I knew that the next three days were going to be busy because of the fact that we would be in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo and wouldn't be sleeping in or taking naps.

Deck indulgence:

Laziness was the theme of this day... we didn't even go to the evening show which was a hypnotist I believe. We watched movies in our stateroom, finished the books we had started in the morning and just rested....

I highly recommend a full day of turning clocks off, eating, napping and reading... and not even caring about it. THAT's what vacationing is all about.

That night, we had dinner at Triton's (french-themed restaurant on board), and we were the only couple at the table because everyone else at our dining table was eating at Palo for dinner that night. Because of that, we had full attention from our servers-- Eddie and Raka. We loved getting to know them better-- those Disney cruise ship crew members sure work hard. Eddie told us that his mortgage in The Phillippines was only $31,000 and that he will have it paid off in two years from working on the cruise ship!

Anyway... sorry for the boring update/posting, but it was just pure, fabulous bliss with not a whole lot of excitement involved. I highly recommend those days once in awhile. 

Next up: Long walks on the beach... in Puerto Vallarta!

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